In a Fiddle Case

They have all their skills now, drinking water, eating kibble, climbing to sit on my head…

Plus a vido of them playing under me.


Bla bla blaa

I actually had time to get a video of Bebop doing his thing with a little bit of food on his tongue. It’s like it triggered a nursing reflex.

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Getting Back To A Normal Schedule

The kittens, especially Bebop, had not been gaining well. Then came the concert weekend. Bob and Em subbed for me in feeding and it was rather chaotic. I re-instituted the 2 a.m. feeding because there were overnight-length stretches of time I was not home and that gave me a little more kitten time. Turns out, they thrived on the chaos, or on Friday’s vet visit with vaccines and proactive anti-parasite medications. Anyhow, the growth curve is finally going up.

My schedule is more normal too, so I think I will skip the 2 a.m. feeding.

This picture is from near-midnight. Apparently they slept all day, waking up starved at 10. Bob fed them, I got home an hour later, fed them again, and this is the satisfied result.



They had their shots and such today. They were not happy about being caged and curtailed, but very happy and hungry when they got home.

Birch met June, the neighbors’ Shepard mix dog this morning, while both were on their walks. His tail got big, but he kept approaching her, and she started backing up. He eventually sniffed her tail. She lives with dominant cats.

Here is a video of the kittens.

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Live Action

Just a video of typical play and washing. Despite all that cleaning, Cowboy’s nose is often dirty. Their eyes are becoming less blue.


Settling In

They both use the litter box on their own now. They both can eat without my fingers, but sometimes need to get started. They are exploring more. Bebop weighs a pound, but Cowboy is about an ounce lighter. I’m checking on them and encouraging eating at 2 a.m. for a while for them. There have been a couple fleas that I caught, but no major infestation.

Besides Cowboy not having nose and chest spots, he has a white line around where his tail is attached, like someone didn’t smooth out the clay after sticking the tail on. In any case, I can tell who is who by front or back.


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Similar But Different

It is nice being able to tell Cowboy from Bebop without colored collars. Besides the face spots, Bebop has a heart mark on his chest.

Cowboy, when placed in the litter box, pooped in the litter box. They are not ready for the big room yet, but they should learn quickly.


Cowboy and Bebop

Just picked up Cowbow and Bebop. Bebop has the dots on his face. They are about 4 weeks old and eat slurry. They are getting used to the underdesk space while I learn what skills they have.

With concert rehearsals and performances taking up most of my time Thursday evening through Sunday night, we’ll see if it is appropriate for Bob to babysit, feed them and clean litterboxes, or if they will need someone more hands on.

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Lofty Ideas

A fellow fiddler stayed over last night, sleeping in the loft in the kitten room. Birch maybe never knew there was a loft and was amazed. He can climb up the ladder, but was very resistant to learning to climb down, so we blocked his access. Still, any time I saw him he was keeping track of the guest and gazing upward. He even braved being near her rolly bag, which is admittedly quieter on floors than on the sidewalk.

Besides not having the skill of climbing down, he’s not great on balance and tends to tip backwards.

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Cheese It–They’ve All Got New Homes

The Cheese Litter is all adopted. Two went to another shelter volunteer. Havarti and Manchego were available at 11 today and gone before noon. The room is cleaned and re-occupied by Birch, at will.

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