The Planets are Aligned

All 4 heads are smooshed together.

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Awake And Squabbling

They’re doing pretty well.  The boys sometimes don’t eat well, but they’re not losing weight.

News flash: they have teeth!  Jupiter kept complaining, despite having turned down a too-soon bottle.  I finally stuck a pinky in his mouth and he very happily gnawed on it. Now he’s purring.  It’s just the tiny little front incisors, but there’s lumpy spots further back for the shredders and fangs.

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Dramatic Sleeping

Jupiter resumed eating, Saturn got uninterested, but they’re all drinking some.  Neptune finally pooped.  They spend most of their time sleeping, but wander a little, as good planets should.


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The Planets Settle In

They’re no longer whiney and demanding.  Jupiter hasn’t been interested in eating today, but will swallow formula, and he peed a huge amount, so I’m only concerned.  He and Saturn appear to be the designated poopers.  I may add some premixed kmr tomorrow to ease the way.  This picture features Mercury and Neptune, the non-poopers.

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I’ll have them for a week, go to Navarro River String Camp while someone else has them, and probably get them back.  Their eyes are not fully open, so about 10 days old.  Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Mercury.


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No Kittens, But Hoping for Some, And An Unfettered Internet

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One Cloud Left — And Now He’s Adopted

Just Cirrus is left.  Polar and Cumulus went together, with their new family undecided for a while as to which two to take.  If Cirrus’ leg was dirty then like it was when we got home, that may have played a part in the decision.  He’s all clean now and ready to try again tomorrow for a home.

Sunday Update: Cirrus got adopted just before closing time!  The room is tidied, the boxes in the recycle bin, the cloth in the washer, and the toys washed and drying in the sun.  I’ll bleach the floor before new ones are on it, but let the home cats explore.


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