Busy, Busy, Busy

It is so easy feeding them now: I mix some KMR and a can of babycat, serve, and they eat.  No finger-feeding.

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Box And Bag

They knew what to do with a bag, right away.  The box was less interesting at first,  but is great to chew on.  They’re 6 weeks old, about a pound and a half each, and doing well.

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Joy of Julie and Twiga

The tune is “Joy of Julie” by Galen Fraser.  Twiga is my close audience.  We’re getting ready for the fiddle club’s concert weekend, April 28-30.  Shameless plug:

The kittens had the runs and some barfing with the food change of being weaned, but their guts seem to have settled down now.  This morning, Simba weighed the same as Tembo, but Tembo has been working hard to regain her roly poly figure.

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All My Duckies In A Row

And sometimes they’re self-starting.  Their last bottle was Sunday morning.

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Tired After Practice

 The kittens were tired after listening to us working on learning the harmonies–picture by Barbara S.

Tembo finally accepted her lot as a food eater–she ate a LOT.  I ended their day with a bottle and she still drank a lot too.

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Fed Up –Not

Tembo is getting a little annoyed by the decreased frequency of bottles.  Twiga and Simba will eat with big voracious bites once they get started.  They prefer food on a finger to food in a dish, but sometimes they bite my finger.  Tembo does not want food.  She backs up and shakes her head sharply, mouth open.  For someone who can’t spit, it’s a very effective way to rid the mouth of food.  A few times, she has swallowed, so I will win eventually.


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Just a warm jacketful of kittens.  I no longer lock them up in the undertable space, but I have it curtained to keep in the warmth.  Simba and Twiga are pretty good eaters.  Tembo sees no need for anything but a bottle.  I’m serving bottles less often though.

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