How To Eat Like A Kitten

Sibling edition.

In other news, they had a vet visit today with shots and nail trimming. There was much yelling by kittens, but I’m told, not during the shots.

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Looking Outside The Room

Bob was talking to me from just outside the barrier, and everyone had to check out the action.

John eats kibble, Paul ate some sogged kibble. They are both digesting reasonably and back to gaining weight (weaning makes for a slump). George has has more trouble and is less interested in kibble in any form, but he’s better than yesterday at digesting. I’ve restarted adding some of the probiotics to their food.

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Worthy Box

Yesterday, they had no interest in the box. This morning it’s great. . In the photo below, it’s John’s butt, Paul’s head,and George.

They are still nagging for a bottle in the morning, but there’s too much else to do. Eventually, the food is eaten.

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First Morning Without A Bottle

no text needed.
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Wild Times

I was away with fiddle club playing at farmers’ markets Saturday and Sunday. The kittens have learned to eat without me. Bob is a good babysitter, bit he is not going to have much luck putting food in their mouths. If things go well, we’ll finish off the bottles tonight and I’ll not mix more formula for them.

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Fiddle Case: Unlocked

Over 24 hours without an out-of-litterbox event so I opened the fiddle case. The kittens approve.

They got to meet Patti and Bruce, who brought me home after playing at the dance class. These kittens are not at all shy of strangers.

Breaking News: Paul can now eat from a dish!

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Two Out of Three

Two out of three can get to eating from a dish. John is even self-starting, which makes bottle visits easier. George was yet another kitten who went from eating what was pushed into his mouth, to cleaning up what dropped on the floor (and I’d add to that pile), to eating from the dish. Paul is still resisting, although his tongue says “yes” to food. After pushing some food into his mouth, I can then hold it against his lips and he will eat because he cannot stop himself.

I’m still giving them 2 bottle feedings in a day. The picture below is the tabbies in a post-milk stupor. For a while, Paul was dreaming with his eyes open and John was nuzzling his chest.

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More Place To Be

Someone still has issues about using the litter box, sometimes. Sometimes I know it is John. But they all can eat, although Paul especially needs some push. He was first up on the shelf however, even though George has more climbing skills on the loft ladder.

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Free Range Kittens

I took down the under-table fencing, last night actually. I moved the scratcher ramp to the loft ladder. George is the climber, the only one to get up one step. He falls, but is not fazed.

John now eats food even on his own. The other two nag for a bottle, suffer food insertion, and then head on to other things.

I’ve not found litter box misses in nearly a day.

The boys are growing up.

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Cuddly Paul

Paul was very cuddly after be the last to have a bottle this afternoon.

John had a breakthrough: eating some food without me prying his mouth open and inserting some to start him.

George’s breakthrough was no spitting out the food I put in his mouth.

I’m considering removing the under-table fencing, even though litter box compliance is not perfect. It would be easier to clean under the table without the fencing, if there were errors in placement. Some are errors in trajectory: peeing over the box edge.

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