Belly Spots Of Doom

Actually, she has no trouble with belly rubs, just with rolling off the pillow.

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Posted by on November 17, 2018 in 2018 Woolly Mammoth


How To Make A Chair Interesting

The trick is making it unattractive for peeing.  I used cloths that she has not peed upon and neither is horizontal.  She’s been very good about using the litterbox and not peeing on the pillow, but I want to keep her in good habits.

With the air quality here being the worst in the world (or close to it: Sacramento was worse) we have been feeling the effects.  Woolly is finally gaining weight and playing and all, but she has the snuffles.  No gunkiness in eyes or nose, but sniffles.  There’s a chance of rain Wednesday which might slow the fires and clean the air.  We’re hoping.

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Morning Warmup

After a little breakfast and racing around, it’s time for a cuddle.  This might be a cat who would appreciate wearing a sweater.

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Watching a Video

We watched some youtube video for cats.

Woolly gets skittish and aviods me when she needs to pee.  So, of course, I catch her and put her in a litterbox.  Two or three iterations and she pees.  She has no qualms about pooping in the litterbox.

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Bad Air, Good Kitten

Woolly is doing well. The air is still above 160 in pm2.5, but I’m no longer coughing.  I’ve not seen an effect on Commodore or Woolly, but Rob’s cat has problems.

I found that sometime after Saturday’s photo excursion, the carrier was used as a litterbox.  Mostly she uses actual litterboxes, but she really wants some other things too.  I’m hoping that by reducing options she’ll get accustomed to litter.  I want to give her boxes and bags to play in, but it’s too soon.

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Bad Air Day

The fires are not near us, but the smoke is pouring our way.  Woolly is tucked in my jacket and not very bothered.  We go out to have photos taken of her, so we’ll be out in it.

She had what looked like a worm casting and also has not been gaining well, so she got a 2nd worming and panacur and ponazuril.  We thought we were done with meds.  She’s happy though and eating a bit more.

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Quieter Day

Woolly has been on meds for a cold and eye infection, but has been looking good.  Her appetite has been down, but she’s been playful.  Today, she’s been quieter.  She’s been good about the litter box, so I put up one underchair hammock.  So far, no problem.  She did poop in one box, pee in another, and, in a surprise move, barfed in the third.  She is organized.  I was surprised at that much output but then saw she’d eaten a LOT of kibble.  One more dose of eyedrops, she’s done with the antibiotics, and we’ll see how her digestion goes.

She is a good butt-buddy.  This is her chair, and the chair I use when programming (or looking at facebook).  I stayed up very late Monday night debugging remotely and she kept me company, napping on my leg and occasionally patting me.

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Posted by on November 8, 2018 in 2018 Woolly Mammoth