Add a Towel–Make a Toy NEW again

This morning, I added a towel to the scratcher and it became a castle with holes.

Later, Macaroni got her foot caught in a suspended string holding a cardboard box, and lost her balance, ending in a very awkward and uncomfortable pose.  I rescued her, she’s fine, but no more string-supported cardboard box.

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End Of A Tail

I think this was Rigatoni, fluffed about something.  Gotta respect a cat with such a foofed tail.

Aria did get adopted by someone today.  Rigatoni and Macaroni have reached 2 pounds.  Spaghetti probably will sometime in the next week.


Not Quite Yet For Aria

Someone was interested in adopting Aria, but came too late in the day.  They plan on coming back in the morning.

Meanwhile, this is much of what the littles did while she was gone.


One Adopted, One Back

Linguini got adopted just before closing time, leaving Aria by her lonesome.  So she’s home for the night with her pseudo-siblings.  Without Linguini, I have to re-think how much food to provide.

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New Stuff

The littles were really wanting to climb so I brought out the old tower.  First in were the bigs, but they’re off to be adopted tomorrow.  It’s good they can enjoy it now.

At dinner, I mentioned they each could eat from one dish, but for a while that meant each in the same dish.  I’ve been giving them 3 cans at dinner and that takes them through late evening, so everyone does get a chance.



They are a purring cuddly bunch.  Spaghetti just fell asleep so deeply I was finally able to pick the crud off her claws.



The littles had a fairly quiet day while Aria and Linguini got fixed.  They even managed a decent triskelion.  It looks like Linguini had some belly surgery, so perhaps an undescended testicle.  All are doing fine with no weird water digging.