Litter Boxers

They all use the litter box to the best of their ability, which isn’t always good enough to avoid being washed.  Cumulus loses her balance and sometimes almost flips on her head.  It also is being complicated by them being a little sick–runny and unpredictable.  They all ate well this evening and they seem to be improving.

Yesterday, they were the stars at a bottle baby cat foster orientation.  Of course, no one wanted the bottle, but they did enjoy napping on the volunteers.

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Tabby markings can be so pretty.  Stratus is very intricate on the neck.  Cumulus is darker, but has some similar neck stripes becoming visible.

Digestion is following the full path for everyone, which can get messy.  I’ve started pushing some canned food into them: they’re not against the idea, but not taking  their on bites either.

Stratus is beginning to use the litterbox.

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Actually, this is Polar and she has not pooped, she just is pooped.  Everyone else seems caught up with their elimination needs, which were unmet until last night.  They all went to the vet and have a few anti-parasite meds.  The fleas are getting less findable; I changed out all their bedding and will continue combing, but with less intensity.

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Fewer Fleas

I’m finally reaching a point where the fleas are tiny and fewer than 10 per combing session.  All kittens have had a bath: they didn’t like it but didn’t panic.  I think Polar, shown here discovering her back legs, is the only girl.  They get a checkup tomorrow morning.

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The Tabbies

They have canine teeth and open ears, so they’re at the older end of two weeks.  And soooooo many fleas.  It’s decreasing to where I can do a few flea-free swipes with the comb, but then I get a cluster.  And I find a few on me too.

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Introducing The Clouds

Just got these, fed and combed.  They are guessing 2 weeks old.  The kittens are two tuxedo girls, Ploar and Cirrus; and 2 tabby boys, Stratus and Cumulous.  One of the boys has a 1″ tail that looks like it got amputated, not naturally short.  They were pretty dirty with fleas and flea poop.  They didn’t know what a bottle was, but figured it out quickly which the milk touched their mouths.  They had almost a tablespoon each.  Their eyes are open and they know how to use them.

Just checked: no “o” in Cumulus.

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Simba Has A Family — and Now Twiga and Tembo Also Have Families

Friends of some of Berkeley Humane’s people arranged to adopt Simba tonight, as a surprise present for their teen son.  Simba was unhappy on the ride over–she was alone  and didn’t like it.  But she liked the people and fell asleep in the boy’s arms while paperwork was being done.  I don’t know if Twiga and Tembo notice Simba is missing, but they go to their first adoption event tomorrow.  They’re making enough noise for three crashing around.

Twiga and Tembo got home today, Friday! We’re kittenless for now.  Our home cats will realize it in a while.


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