More Tube Play

Another typical morning.

Last night, Linden was the first to top the barricade at full height. She and Baobab made a few vertical running tries. Given another chance, he also would have been up and over. Linden is the lightest and may not be two pounds by the middle of next week, so it will be a while of awkward door use.

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Reached New Places

Ginkgo got up to the window today. He got down on his own, not gracefully, but safely enough.

Later I came in and saw that Birch had made the step up to the fiddle case. I gave a little guidance for descending and he did fine.


Window Run

They were busy last night. I put the 3rd pane plastic as a fall guard because weeks ago, Baobab had slipped off the window sill. That was when the area by the giraffe was blocked off because they loved to poop there, so he would have been trapped there. I don’t think he’d fall now, nor that it would be much of a problem, but Ginkgo and Birch may eventually make it up there and they would be more likely to fall.

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Door Skills

As Baobab is reaching the knob from up in the fiddle case, and the barricade is fully up, this won’t help him escape. But, by next week, I expect he’ll be able to get on top of the barricade

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Lap Nap

Everyone but Birch, who was enjoying being up on the chair.

…Adding in a video:

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New Faces In Old Places

The gray girls and Baobab have been getting up on the window for a few days now. Sometimes, people move their access chairs, but generally it is available. The big news is…

Birch can get on the chair on his own. The first time, I provided hands as guardrails. Then I showed him how to get down (other than rolling off). Then he went back up on his own.

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Birch, As A Vulture

Birch got up on a box this evening and waited for other kittens to pass close enough to bop them. He’s not usually above anyone (not without slipping off) so this was very satisfying. He also made it up the clear plastic ramp, although his descent involved a somersault.

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Ginkgo and the Blue Ring

Ginkgo is a little klutzy, but good at having fun. My only worry for him now is his reaction to vaccines, and he’s so much bigger and stronger now, I think he’ll be fine.

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Looking Up To Big Brother

Birch looks up to Ginkgo. He doesn’t have the climbing skills, yet. He has been working on the ramp on his own. He has some vision, but doesn’t seem to have depth perception, and maybe a sense of where he is in the picture.

Also, I measured the shelf and it is not crooked: the camera made it look weird.

The lower shelf was a favorite nap spot for Teak yesterday. I couldn’t find her for quite a while and worried that she’d gotten out or trapped in the closet. It is a very narrow space above the blue notebook, but she is a cat.

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Another Vet Day

I think everyone got anti-parasite meds, but only Baobab and the girls got vaccines. Everyone slept all afternoon anyhow. Teak got an antibiotic prescription for the snuffles she’s had: it had been getting better, but slowly. She’ll probably gain weight faster than her sister now.

Ginkgo seems nearly normal now. His back legs splay out a bit and he has an odd pose in the litter box, but I was remembering how hard it was to orient him and Birch for using the litter box when they were learning. They twisted around so hard, it took two hands to hold them in a useful position. Now they all are good at, and good about, using the litter box.

Birch is braving the red tunnel again. He freaked out yesterday because he couldn’t move well in it. He’s now gently rocking in it. He also does see: he watched bubbles and shadows today, neither of which give any cues but the visual ones. He just doesn’t seem to know how the vision ties in with physical things in places. It could just be depth perception and it could be he’s just a late learner. Vision didn’t help him a lot when he kept flipping over.

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