Stalking a Wild Fly

It flew away.

Cat Organizer

The cat organizer is getting some use today. Akebi even climbed the towel to the top. His dismount was not graceful, but it worked.

The unfortunate event of the day was Rambutan pooping in the tunnel. I even grabbed him several times as he was advertising his intent, and put him in the litter box, but he was determined. Thinking he might like more privacy, I put a lid on one of the litter boxes.


All Together, But Hard to See Them All

Always hard to figure out clusters of black kittens.

Today, Akebi was trying to get all the kibble, trying to push Pawpaw out of the way.


Different Noise

My android mic makes an awful blaring hissy noise, but I found that youtube, while it won’t let you silence your video, lets you put freebie tracks on it that replace the noise. I have not found how to preview the tracks, so it’s random. This one was titled “Cat Shat in the Box” so it was a decent choice. Playing with sound off is always an option.

I think that they’ll be done with bottles within a week.


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Rampway to Fiddle Case

I don’t remember if Akebi has made it up to the fiddle case, but everyone else has. Akebi and Jambula are starting to accept canned food, a little, and Rambutan and Birbia were crowding Pawpaw at the kibble last night. I’ve not noticed any out-of-box eliminations for a day, so tomorrow they should get the tunnel returned.

Rambutan has picked an odd place to sleep.



This is the first time I’ve heard Pawpaw growl. He has the knotted top of a plastic mesh bag from tangerines and it is the best thing ever.

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Somebody Peed in the Tunnel

I suspect Rambutan, who I’ve caught trying to go outside the box various times. He’s the loud complainer and doesn’t want to need to eliminate, just to consume. He’ll get over it. This is the tunnel before the puddle. The tunnel got washed and will wait a day or two.

They still sleep a lot, but they play pretty wildly when awake. And here I used a music stand light so Akebi and Jambula are not just black shadows.


Busy Cats

The cube is popular. Jambula and Rambutan slept there last night, with no 2 a.m. feeding. And I had to wake them for the 6 a.m. feeding.
Pawpaw loves to fish things out of the cup. It was intended to help me find my pencils and pens, flea combs, and other small items. It is also an activity jar.

The littles now play and explore and Pawpaw follows them. He still chews on them, but they do more interesting things together now.



When too much is happening, clean your toes. (video)

The kittens continue to do well. Litter box use isn’t 100% but I’ve added more boxes. They had visitors yesterday and today and are totally fine with them. All kittens are over a pound now, so I may skip the 2 a.m. feeding.

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I wodged the green cylinder so Pawpaw (and others) can get up on the shelf and chair. Jambula almost tried, but didn’t trust it: it goes up high and wiggles a little. I also put out the blue fish hanging bed and Pawpaw is napping in it now.

The littles are feeling a lot more substantial now. Their play with Pawpaw is getting a little more symmetrical.

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