Toy Time

They find a lot to do together. I think Taffy is happy that Cotton Candy feels better and plays more.

I also may have a “kittens posing in a fiddle case” set of photos. I’ll make a “category” so they can be viewed together.


Toy Dunker

Taffy’s toys often end up in the water bowl. Yesterday’s pompom is still a bit damp, despite having being put outside in the sun.

Cotton has napped more, but is out and about more now because she’s feeling better. She had an excellent poop this morning, but I did not photograph it. You’re welcome.

They both do enjoy having company, and cry out when they’re alone in the room and can hear someone outside in the hall.

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Cotton Candy

They are both doing well and using the litter box appropriately, so I took down the caging for under the table. They think of that as their warm space and bed but can hang out wherever. I put up the under-chair slings and opened the spare fiddle case. Taffy figured out how to climb the green cylinder to get to the shelf top and case, and I helped her figure out how to get on the chair.

Cotton Candy is out and about more: her butt is getting better. She complains out loud when Taffy attacks too hard, but when talking to me she does a silent meow. Taffy has a range of vocabulary, much of it sounding somewhat peeved and siamese.

Someone put the fuzzy white pompom in the water bowl last night and it is still drying out.

and a short video to show Taffy’s voice:


New Treats

This is Taffy (red collar) and Cotton Candy. Taffy is 652 grams, Cotton is 392. She has the runs still and should gain as she gets better. The progression here is 2 kittens, each at a dish, to

Taffy crowding out Cotton, to

me moving Taffy’s dish over for Cotton.

Both are girls, the guess is 4 weeks old. I think the loud complainer on the ride home was Taffy: so far she is the more assertive one, but they are both tortis.



The Home Cats are happy to repossess the room. They also got some of the leftover food: canned Nulo and whatever kibble had been served but not eaten. The kittens got new homes on Saturday. The room is cleaned and laundry is done and dry.

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Booby Trap

Zach was able to jump to the desk from the green cylinder, but I had booby-trapped it. Shortly after landing, he and the plastic and some papers all slid down to the floor (and (clean) litter box).

Generally, when the kittens get home from surgery, they don’t need the cones because they have enough interesting things to do that they don’t bother the incisions. Zach however was determined to clean off any evidence of anything in his nether region, so I kept putting his cone back on for a while last night. He would then need to eat or drink and make a mess of that, so I’d remove the cone. All looks well today so I guess no harm.

(I have a lot of hardware at home: sensors and micro-computers for monitoring drying and storage of nuts. I write some of the software for this. I try to keep the kittens away from the devices.)

...And they’re both adopted, separately!


Later, That Evening…

Zane played fetch with the finger rocket and

Zach killed a pom-pom.

They had managed to nap for an hour maybe and then they got busy again.


Upstairs, Downstairs (Dining)

This way, Zane can eat and Zach can try to just focus on one dish. Once Zane starts exploring though, he and the dish go downstairs and Zach hoovers it up.

They were starved and fixed today. No food after 6 a.m. and they indicate that there was no food after then either. I don’t believe them, but they can have extra food today.

At one point, Zach got out of the room as I was leaving, rushed for the stairs, and kind of slid down 2 steps. They are not way goofy, but a little goofy and unwilling to settle down.


Bag-Ins (and Outs)

The Z’s are doing well, both now over 2 pounds. They get fixed Thursday and should be available after that.

Zane has taken to playing fetch: the finger rocket thing is something he’ll chase and bring back. He does have trouble finding it sometimes. Both kittens like climbing my back to be on my shoulders, which is painful in weather too warm for wearing a jacket. I look forward to the manicure they’ll get while they’re knocked out for surgery.

Commie is free of her cone and free of stitches. She is enjoying the back yard again.



. Zach was enjoying being under cover and Zane enjoyed attacking.

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