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One sharp, one fuzzy photo

Holding still....Tweeter’s spent the afternoon snuggling inside my sweatshirt, lapsitting, and eating.  A little bit of playing too. She’s figuring out how to drink water from the bowl: getting the range is still tricky.


Gaining Weight and Playing

Tweeter is a quiet player, she doesn’t seek out things to destroy yet, but will bat things and chase if they move.  I trimmed her nails because one back toe kept getting snagged on even my pj’s.  She’s 11.6 ounces now and doesn’t really need the bottle anymore.  Her poops are getting better too, so maybe she won’t need to be on flagyl next week.  I’m told it tastes really bad (to people and cats).  She has to learn to stay a little more aware on a lap so she doesn’t fall off.


Coasting Along, Now

rare still poseTweeter’s sometimes preferring canned food over the bottle.  She rarely holds still for a photo.  She had a brief vet visit today.  Everything is fine except for the runny poop and maybe worms still.  They may be related, or the runs may be from the doxycyclin.  But the poops are much less frequent.

She bats at everything in reach and chases spilled kitty litter.  She’s a very busy girl.  She also survived having blue puppy go through the wash and come back cleaner.

multi-media again..


she's a bit caught in my hair, so she's holding still enough for a clear photo.At 10.3 ounces and with clear eyes, the next hurdles are better poops and weaning.  Plus getting untangled from my hair.

tweeter weights


Vet day

hard to hold still for photosTweeter went to the vet’s today.  I tried to clean up her blue puppy with a surface wiping, but he was still damp, so I left him home and brought orange froggie instead.

Tweeter got dosed with strongid and ponazuril, for worms and parasites.  I got a dose of ponazuril to give her tomorrow and a bottle of Doxycycline to work on her eye infection with a tiny daily dose for a week.  We got home before the rain started and I gave her the Doxycycline.  Five minutes later, she barfed up breakfast.  I don’t know if the other drugs had a chance.  The vet advised me to try the Doxy again tomorrow, but keep an eye on her and let them know if there are problems.  It could have been the doxycycline, the combination of drugs, or the trip, or being without blue puppy for a while.  I’ll wait a good while between the ponazuril and the doxycycline tomorrow.

Still, she’s 9.6 ounces.  It is small for her age, but she’s working on it and the trend is good.


Growing Up

with her good buddy, Blue PuppyToday, Tweeter reached 8 ounces.  She’s been eating if I put food in her mouth, but this evening she licked some off my fingers and some out of the dish.  No pictures today, but that news was worth posting.

[Adding to the post Sunday.]  Tweeter reached 8.3 ounces. Her left eye is still gooey, but we clean it up frequently.

and 9.2 ounces Monday.


Looking Good, But Tiny

just fed and alertTweeter is such a tiny cat! She’s got teeth, can find her way about the room, clean herself, nag for attention, use the litter box…she’s very competent. She’s not gaining very quickly, her butt looks sore, and her poops could be better, but she’s doing pretty well. I only got up once in the night to feed her, and I don’t need to pester her with the subcutaneous fluids.


Much much better

deep thoughtsLast night, Tweeter started really eating.  She also thrashes a lot after the first series of sucks, so my hand is rather scratched, but she’s eating!  And having enough fluid to pee, and doing so in the litter box.  Today, she just kept feeling better and better, prancing about, chewing on my chin and nose, leaping off my lap to go explore.  She’s got a lot of catching up to do.

Her ears have opened and are getting big.  Her eyes look huge, and her head outweighs her body so she tends to tip a bit when she walks.  But she’s working on everything now.

She can walk right through the bars on the wire fencing I use to keep her under the table when she’s unsupervised, so I blocked the bottom edge with paper.  Then I decided to give her the whole space under the table so she could run around more and just used the black styrofoam board to block the rest of the fencing.

I started giving her a little canned food, just putting some in her mouth to get her used to the idea.balanced


Better, but making no bets

Tweeter still won’t nurse on a bottle, but she doesn’t fight it so much and does seem happy to swallow some formula.  She’s walking about, looking at things, and purring.  Still not eating well, still emaciated, still has eye goop, but she’s showing an interest in life.

Just a short while ago, she insisted she didn’t want to be in the crate.  I put her in the litter box, she squatted and peed.  Then she got out, walked over to the paper where I record her weights, and squatted again and pooped.  3 weeks old today, back to learning how to do things, her way.  I’m not sure she’ll ever go back to sucking on a bottle, and it’s too early to wean her, but I’ll ask about starting to offer some foods.

Late evening and she actually sucked at the bottle a little bit!  And pranced about, purring.  She also used the box and the floor a 2nd time.  Tomorrow she’ll ask for the keys to the car, but we don’t have one so that’s okay.


Woofer and Tweeter spent the weekend at the 24 hour vet emergency place on University Ave.  Woofer continued to fade and they put him down; I was thinking that might be the kindest thing as early as Saturday morning, and knew that having them at a vet’s made it available.

Tweeter is back with me, an ounce lighter, and not very willing to eat.  Still has the calico attitude though.