Much much better

18 May

deep thoughtsLast night, Tweeter started really eating.  She also thrashes a lot after the first series of sucks, so my hand is rather scratched, but she’s eating!  And having enough fluid to pee, and doing so in the litter box.  Today, she just kept feeling better and better, prancing about, chewing on my chin and nose, leaping off my lap to go explore.  She’s got a lot of catching up to do.

Her ears have opened and are getting big.  Her eyes look huge, and her head outweighs her body so she tends to tip a bit when she walks.  But she’s working on everything now.

She can walk right through the bars on the wire fencing I use to keep her under the table when she’s unsupervised, so I blocked the bottom edge with paper.  Then I decided to give her the whole space under the table so she could run around more and just used the black styrofoam board to block the rest of the fencing.

I started giving her a little canned food, just putting some in her mouth to get her used to the idea.balanced


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