Vet day

25 May

hard to hold still for photosTweeter went to the vet’s today.  I tried to clean up her blue puppy with a surface wiping, but he was still damp, so I left him home and brought orange froggie instead.

Tweeter got dosed with strongid and ponazuril, for worms and parasites.  I got a dose of ponazuril to give her tomorrow and a bottle of Doxycycline to work on her eye infection with a tiny daily dose for a week.  We got home before the rain started and I gave her the Doxycycline.  Five minutes later, she barfed up breakfast.  I don’t know if the other drugs had a chance.  The vet advised me to try the Doxy again tomorrow, but keep an eye on her and let them know if there are problems.  It could have been the doxycycline, the combination of drugs, or the trip, or being without blue puppy for a while.  I’ll wait a good while between the ponazuril and the doxycycline tomorrow.

Still, she’s 9.6 ounces.  It is small for her age, but she’s working on it and the trend is good.


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