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cute foot padToday, Tweeter got a reprieve, but she twisted her arm to do it.  Around noon, I noticed she was limping, avoiding weight on her left front paw.  She’d yelp or hiss when I touched her paw, or sometimes her arm.  At 3 she was still touchy, so I took her to the vet’s.  They think it’s a pull or strain and to just avoid encouraging jumping and climbing.

They also weighed her and decided to wait until next week for spaying.  She’s 30.x ounces and it was unlikely she’d reach 32 by tomorrow.  She got her vaccinations though.

She really didn’t want to get in her carrier–I thought she was suddenly afraid of blue puppy, or the blanket was offensive…I changed everything and finally tucked her in butt-first.  She cried all the way to the vet, and all the way back.  But she’s still enjoying the paper ball they made her, to see if she could walk on the troubled leg.



Sock Inspector

playing tangleTweeter helped finish some socks.  I used some elastic thread with the wool in doing the top ribbing, and she learned how to jump in between the strands and twist or flip, then run around the post until she couldn’t move any further.  Below, she is inspecting the final product.

final inspection


Department of Silly Sleeps

uffish sleepand dreaming of food, by the throat action after the photo.  26.8 ounces of kitten.  She can now climb the bottom 2 steps of the loft ladder. She still does not understand kibble.



After the Meds

play me a storyTweeter got meds today, for her big 25.5 ounce body. It is hard to get a weight for her because, even if she stays on the scale, she wiggles.

The last two meals, I’ve not added any KMR. I’d been giving only about 1/2 teaspoon of the powder, but she’s a picky eater and could tell when there was none. She got hungry enough to eat anyhow.  She also tries eating kibble, but chewing is a big production and when she opens wide for the next chomp, the kibble falls out if it hasn’t sogged up enough saliva to stick in her mouth.

She got the revolution flea treatment and the Ponazuril when I got home at noon. So far, no digestive problems….

Two hours later, she’s still fine.  I brought her some food, but for now she’s lap-napping.

3 hours and now she’s had Strongid and is racing around like a kitten…

and napping.  2 more hours and I think she’s doing fine with the meds this time.


Happy and Nappy

with a song in her heart and a foot in her mouthTweeter is rather conservative. When I tried to use a regular cat dish instead of a tiny saucer for her food, she didn’t eat much until she got desperate. Now she’s fine with a big kitty dish.

She still doesn’t really understand kibble.

As of today, she can jump on a toolbox to jump up on the chair.  Truly learning by leaps and bounds.  Eventuall, lap melt occurs:cat as a liquid state


Hard to take a still photo

*paws*Movies are easier because Tweeter seldom holds still. Opening the camera wakes her up and she needs the camera strap, so one has to be sneaky. The carpeting on the post helps hold her, and occasionally she sits and considers where to bounce next.*pause*


Games and Naps

try to identify the limbsSo this was naptime and below was playtime.  The toy is a broken cello A string, with a synthetic fleece “yarn” tassle.


All my fosters, so far…

A pdf list of everyone, to the best of our memory.

foster kitties

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Good Friends

She held him in a fond embrace that broke 2 vertebrae Pink Bunny has enjoyed (?) much attention lately.  Bunny gets batted, hugged, bitten, and wrestled into submission.  I realized that Tweeter was about the same size as Bunny when I got her, six weeks ago.  And when Tweeter’s all grown up, Bunny will look tiny.  I hope to get more pictures of the two of them through time, and will let her keep Bunny for her own.


Attack of the Hind Feet

Sometimes Tweeter gets angry at her hind feet kicking her, but this morning she was pretty mellow.

She’s developing some grungy spots on her face where she doesn’t clean well enough after eating, and she gets very ticked off when I wipe her face.  The crud spots get sore, so they do need to be cleaned off, but she is not a patient kitten.  Maybe she can get some sunshine later today to help dry and heal it.