Well Visit to the Vet

08 Jun

a quiet momentTweeter had a well vet visit today and got some worming meds and some vaccinations: fvrcp, strongid, and panazuril by the chart. She’s 16.6 ounces now.  This photo makes her eyes look normal, but they still are large.  She’ll probably get adopted by someone who does velvet paintings of sad kittens, but she doesn’t act very sad.

After a some little poops and a big poop, she suddenly did a big barf.  Last time she did that was after strongid and panazuril, too.  She lasted longer before erupting this time.  I’m wondering if, next time, we can separate the meds by a few hours; I could bring home one dose.  I’ll ask the vet.

Two barfs.  And back to playing.

The vet likes the idea of a little separation between meds.  But, at the end of the day, she was up to 17.2 ounces, so no lasting harm.



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