After the Meds

22 Jun

play me a storyTweeter got meds today, for her big 25.5 ounce body. It is hard to get a weight for her because, even if she stays on the scale, she wiggles.

The last two meals, I’ve not added any KMR. I’d been giving only about 1/2 teaspoon of the powder, but she’s a picky eater and could tell when there was none. She got hungry enough to eat anyhow.  She also tries eating kibble, but chewing is a big production and when she opens wide for the next chomp, the kibble falls out if it hasn’t sogged up enough saliva to stick in her mouth.

She got the revolution flea treatment and the Ponazuril when I got home at noon. So far, no digestive problems….

Two hours later, she’s still fine.  I brought her some food, but for now she’s lap-napping.

3 hours and now she’s had Strongid and is racing around like a kitten…

and napping.  2 more hours and I think she’s doing fine with the meds this time.


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