29 Jun

cute foot padToday, Tweeter got a reprieve, but she twisted her arm to do it.  Around noon, I noticed she was limping, avoiding weight on her left front paw.  She’d yelp or hiss when I touched her paw, or sometimes her arm.  At 3 she was still touchy, so I took her to the vet’s.  They think it’s a pull or strain and to just avoid encouraging jumping and climbing.

They also weighed her and decided to wait until next week for spaying.  She’s 30.x ounces and it was unlikely she’d reach 32 by tomorrow.  She got her vaccinations though.

She really didn’t want to get in her carrier–I thought she was suddenly afraid of blue puppy, or the blanket was offensive…I changed everything and finally tucked her in butt-first.  She cried all the way to the vet, and all the way back.  But she’s still enjoying the paper ball they made her, to see if she could walk on the troubled leg.



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