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Summer Days


Kevin took this picture a day or two ago–better light, better camera, and a much better photographer.  We have an upstairs deck that provides a safe outdoor play space.  It does require supervision.  Several years ago, when I had a young litter out on the deck a hawk flew over.  The kittens all ran for the hall, instinctively aware that that was a danger.  Still, it’s nice to get some sunshine and watch the birds and bugs.

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Progress Report

pleasedWampum’s eyes only have a little of their own goop now. The ointment is rather greasy and looks a little icky. He’s back on a fast track of gaining weight–33.6 ounces this morning. He sneezed a lot yesterday, but not today. This morning, he ate some warmed canned food without me having to offer each bit by finger. I put the dish right under his face in bed, so breakfast in bed.

He met Mena today, who is around 3 years old. Em and Jane were the supervising adults, since I was out. Apparently they all got along well, Mena stayed gentle and Wampum stayed purring.

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Paw Pads

jelly beansI like the jelly bean effect with multi-colored paw pads.

Wampum’s snurfling much less, although he still snores a bit.  His eyes have gotten goopier.  It’s pretty much eye snot but barely yellow so perhaps not too infected.  I wipe his eyes a lot.  He’s gaining weight much more slowly now: 2 or 3 days to gain an ounce.  He sleeps through the day and plays wildly in the morning and evening.  I don’t know about night generally:  I was in his room, but I was busy bug-tracking in programs.  He gave up and slept in my lap and then in his bed.

wampum weights

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The Quiet Hunter

hunterAfter a day and a half of being fairly subdued, Wampum got pretty active this morning.  I think the cello-string toy is his favorite.  He’s still a very quiet and gentle cat.  I don’t need to wear turtleneck shirts nor thick pants with him. He’s almost 30 ounces now, and not scheduled for snipping until August 4.

We watched a lot of animals on youtube last night.  Unlike most kittens, he doesn’t try to be on the keyboard, but sits quietly on my lap, watching.


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Disturbing Past

Yes, it was ear mites, and the Revolution flea and etc. topical the did today should take care of it.  He apparently had ear mites when found, too.  That and ants (shudder).  The lady who rescued him from Ashby and San Pablo really did a timely rescue.

great explorer, my foot!

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Improving Health

toys!Wampum is playing more, although still very gently.  His eyes still have a little discharge, but it’s mostly clear.  His breathing is better (less rattle and snurf) and he’s peeing more than once a day now.  Flea combing no longer feels like playing the xylophone on his spine AND doesn’t show even flea poop.

Later the same day, I noticed a lot of fuzzy brown stuff in first one ear, then the other.  I cleaned some out with cotton and water, but it’s way in and likely to be ear mites.  He has a Monday vet appointment so it will get resolved then.

wampum weights

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Settled In

sitting prettySorry there’s not many pictures, but a black cat needs daylight for nice pictures.  Wampum is still snuffly, but his eyes goop over less quickly.  Unfortunately, my left eye got all goopy, so I think I’ve acquired his pinkeye.

Wampum came here Monday.  Finally on Tuesday, he’d peed once.  He peed again this morning (Wednesday) and later even pooped.  Granted he was emaciated and dehydrated when he got here, but he’s been eating (mostly kibble) and drinking (water and a little fresh chicken broth), so I think he’s just amazingly retentive.  I have been looking for alternative elimination sites but I think it’s just no go.

Ah, just captured a live bit of tape worm.  He had lots of live fleas when I got him.  Now I get only one or none when I comb him.  But he had them long enough to get worms.  I’ll pick up the meds later today.

And now Wamp’s had his worming pill, which he was very nice about considering I shoved my finger down his throat and then held his mouth shut.  Then I decided he was so greasy feeling, a bath was reasonable, so I gave him a bath.  He was neither pleased nor scared, and now is napping or purring on my lap again.  Now if I see more flea poop I’ll know it means more fleas.


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Next Up: Wampum

sneezyJust picked up Wampum, a too-tiny black and white kitten with a cold. He’s extremely social and good at purring. When he can breathe better, he’ll probably get good at eating, but right now he’s only 19.2 ounces and about 8 weeks old.

Just now, he met the mirror–he acted like he wanted to join the other kitten, or get past him.

how do i get past that kitty?

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Tweeter Got Adopted Today!

I’m told a nice young lady took her home, and her roomie may get another kitten so she’ll have some feline company.

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After the Spay

Not looking any differentTweeter was spayed yesterday and came home totally wild.  They’d trimmed ALL her nails too, so when she tried to race up my leg to my lap, she’d just leap and slide down.  She was playing very aggressively and Mr. Magazine had to say a few things (hissing doesn’t faze her; a magazine slapping noise does.  Leaving your arm dead while she gnaws it just results in a dead, gnawed arm).

Today she was much calmer and willing to sit a while in my lap.  Without chomping me.  When she was eating breakfast, she’d eat a few seconds, then come sit in my lap, then go eat, then lap sit, etc.  I was sitting on the floor 8 inches from her dish so it wasn’t a lot of travel, but finally I put the food dish on my lap with her.  She ate a little longer then got off to go try some kibble.