After the Spay

08 Jul

Not looking any differentTweeter was spayed yesterday and came home totally wild.  They’d trimmed ALL her nails too, so when she tried to race up my leg to my lap, she’d just leap and slide down.  She was playing very aggressively and Mr. Magazine had to say a few things (hissing doesn’t faze her; a magazine slapping noise does.  Leaving your arm dead while she gnaws it just results in a dead, gnawed arm).

Today she was much calmer and willing to sit a while in my lap.  Without chomping me.  When she was eating breakfast, she’d eat a few seconds, then come sit in my lap, then go eat, then lap sit, etc.  I was sitting on the floor 8 inches from her dish so it wasn’t a lot of travel, but finally I put the food dish on my lap with her.  She ate a little longer then got off to go try some kibble.


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