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even toys intended for cats can be funThis group really likes this toy–the ball is constrained but not grabbable, touchable but not bitable.  It also makes a distinctive sound as it scoots around the track.  Laser light dots are even less tangible.  Usually, kittens will ignore the dot if it is on another kitten, but I got one to pounce on another by keeping the dot on him.

If you’re trying to socialize a very timid cat, laser pointers are great because you cause a lot of action with very little motion of your own.  The cat can more easily forget you’re there and you get them to run across your lap without and maybe even settle on your legs without freaking at the contact.  Not a problem with this set.

Another thing to be aware of with toys for fosters is how easy or hard it is to clean between litters.


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To Catch a Tail

Hollywood stars in this movie, enjoying having caught her tail.  At this point, the kittens all are healthy and gaining weight and eating like crazy.  Yay!

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not the mona lisaHuxtable is much better this morning.  Last night he seemed very down, until about 30 minutes after his opiates.  Then he took an interest in things and played, very gently.  Throughout his ordeal, he’s had a good appetite.  This morning he’s even putting a little weight on the foot.

The photo is the boys just disturbed by the camera from from a pose that looked like an Escher no-background picture.  Feline continental drift: you can see how they fit together.

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Scary Stuff

relaxed kitty, tough kitty

Just 3 on deck.  Huxtable iis at the vet’s.  He started standing funny while eating–his back legs splaying out, then avoiding any pressure on his front right paw.  The back foot was perhaps because he had poop on it.  I washed his feet and felt around on his paws but could find nothing.  Then he just wanted to nap, but got more lethargic than seemed normal.  After an hour of phoning and not reaching anyone at BEBHS, I called the emergency pet place, just as BEBHS called back so I aborted that call.

Huxtable complained on the ride over to BEBHS, which shows some perkiness.

Turns out, Hux had pulled a muscle or done some sort of soft tissue damage to his elbow.  He gets kitty morphine for a few days.  I guess it was Hux that fell off my lap today, and that he somehow snagged with one arm and broke his fall badly.  Normally they can tumble off my lap with no problem.  I’m going to trim a bunch of front claws now.

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Kitten Swallowed by Rug, and other adventures

unsuspecting Huxtableahhhhhh...


We had a more adventurous vet trip–worming and some vaccines, that was normal. They also treated the group to some meds for ear mites. When I got home, they phoned me very concerned that they used too high a dosage and it could harm the kittens: could I rinse their ears out or bring them back in.  We dithered a bit on method and I ended up using an eyedropper and warm water to rinse everyone’s ears.  Kittens realize that “Mom’s gone crazy again”, let me know they don’t approve, but forgive instantly.  I guess they may continue to have ear mites though.

Afterwards, we played in the sun on the deck.  Huxtable had a great time with the folded up bit of rug, even though it swallowed him up.

These guys are each all over the place, weight-wise.

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New Life Skills

moving up in the worldIf you know these kittens, you would know this is Hale Bopp and not Huxtable.  Hux will catch up, but so far only Hale has started on the loft ladder, and only the first step.  I tried playing fiddle with them again last night.  They got all freaked out at just pizzacato, but I started talking while playing (a good exercise) and they got used to it.  I even ended up playing with the bow.  They got all wild and riled and then didn’t even notice when I played a high G pennywhistle.

Hamilton got out at one point and joined Bob downstairs, tickling his ankle until he noticed.

new video;



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Just Hanging Out On The Deck

Baby Blues
I think I see a little bit of the white collar, so this is Hale Bopp. He’s lost some weight, but is still playful and all. I’m making sure he gets a little extra chance at food.  They have me adding fortiflora now (a pro-biotic) and maybe he doesn’t like it as much, or it doesn’t like him.  I’ll be keeping track.  Time to offer more food now.

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Hale Bopp et All weight chart (and poop talk)

This not as cute as a picture, but useful. They’re gaining pretty slowly now. They are not as ravenous as they were the first few days, so maybe it’s just their growth pattern, not worms.  They all use the litter box, but Huxtable often gets stuff stuck to his rear fluff, or has a person’s longer hair keeping him connected to the poop for a while.  This can cause a mess.  The metallic stink has faded out however, which is an improvement.  Hollywood’s toes looks normal now, except for the crusty scab.

I did traumatize them a few days ago, playing fiddle.  They still have been seeking out new places to hide when no one’s with them.  Or maybe that’s just their new game and way of avoiding being tucked in the cage zone for the night.

Okay, I’ll add a picture too.basket case


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Fun in the Sun

peeky boothe toe's much better, thanks
We’re all used to each other now. Em’s more allergic to this bunch, so the windows are open a lot and they’re tucked in under the desk with a cloth in front at bedtime.

Their poop is fine-looking but bad smelling, in the slightly metallic way that’s often associated with coccidia.  Everyone’s gaining well though, so it may be just getting used to new food.  They really love canned Felidae.  They will eat kibble, but only if they’ve given up on getting better food.

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Looking Cute

Toe's getting better
full cute raysHollywood’s toe is looking scabby and still large, but not so sore.  She doesn’t notice it.  Warm compresses are only slightly annoying.  Hale Bopp is very good at looking cute, and needs daylight to look his best in a photo.


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