Staying another week

07 Aug

rawrI was going to go for a picture of his stripes which are becoming more defined, but the toothy blur was more fun.  His fur pattern is changing though.  A white undercoat is developing.

He’s gotten a live cello concert in ‘his’ room, with the only problem being that he wants to participate more.  Definitely a mellow kitty.

He had his checkup today.  The vet and techs were surprised at his coat change.  His ears were declared okay: they did a last cleaning with a vinegar solution, which I can still smell a bit.  The eyes aren’t infected, but discharging because his cold returned, perhaps from the stress of neutering and 1 day at an adoption event.  He has daily oral meds, which is simpler than ear drops.

The other news is that Em’s friend, Alina, may adopt him and give him a new name, from the cat in The Master and Margarita, “Behemoth” (Бегемот, a subversive Puss in Boots, the name referring at once to the Biblical monster and the Russian word for Hippopotamus)” –wikipedia.  She’ll likely choose the Russian pronunciation.

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