And In with the New

11 Aug

chow timeI got used to how Wampum barely ate any canned food.  These guys each ate more canned food than he would in 3 days.  They eat kibble too, but it’s obviously second rate.  These are, left to right, Hamilton, Hollywood (the only girl), Hale Bopp, and Huxtable.  They’re about six weeks old.  They and 3 other kittens were dropped off in one bunch.  The other three are a couple of weeks younger and barely weaned.  Someone else chose them.   These may even be more than one litter.  When I got them, only Hollywood had fleas.  Despite my killing many fleas, they all have fleas now.

After they rested up a while, I went to see them and they hissed when I reached into the carrier for them.  Then I brought canned food and all was forgiven.  Hux is a complete sucker for a chin rub.

Hux, Hammie, Holly, and Hale will probably be what I call them.



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Posted by on August 11, 2011 in Hale Bopp and all


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