Settled In

12 Aug

playtimeThis is even a pretty typical picture of Hollywood, who is not in the picture.  She’s most often in the carrier, sometimes napping and sometimes playing through the holes if others on on top or on the sides.  The fleas I find now are all dried and flat, so the flea poison I smelled on them did its work.

Wampum (and his new family) visited a while yesterday afternoon and he got to be in our house as a visitor instead of a cloistered foster.  Nora (our biggest cat) wasn’t too thrilled because he kept chasing her and trying to play with her.

There was a reason Hollywood was shy: she has an infected toe.  I noticed it looked weird, found it had pus, washed it, and got an urgent care appointment.  The vets drained it and gave me antibiotics for her, and probiotics for everyone afterwards.  I also may do warm compresses, which I hope won’t be as scarey as washing under the tap was.


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Posted by on August 12, 2011 in Hale Bopp and all


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