Scary Stuff

26 Aug

relaxed kitty, tough kitty

Just 3 on deck.  Huxtable iis at the vet’s.  He started standing funny while eating–his back legs splaying out, then avoiding any pressure on his front right paw.  The back foot was perhaps because he had poop on it.  I washed his feet and felt around on his paws but could find nothing.  Then he just wanted to nap, but got more lethargic than seemed normal.  After an hour of phoning and not reaching anyone at BEBHS, I called the emergency pet place, just as BEBHS called back so I aborted that call.

Huxtable complained on the ride over to BEBHS, which shows some perkiness.

Turns out, Hux had pulled a muscle or done some sort of soft tissue damage to his elbow.  He gets kitty morphine for a few days.  I guess it was Hux that fell off my lap today, and that he somehow snagged with one arm and broke his fall badly.  Normally they can tumble off my lap with no problem.  I’m going to trim a bunch of front claws now.

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Posted by on August 26, 2011 in Hale Bopp and all


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