30 Aug

even toys intended for cats can be funThis group really likes this toy–the ball is constrained but not grabbable, touchable but not bitable.  It also makes a distinctive sound as it scoots around the track.  Laser light dots are even less tangible.  Usually, kittens will ignore the dot if it is on another kitten, but I got one to pounce on another by keeping the dot on him.

If you’re trying to socialize a very timid cat, laser pointers are great because you cause a lot of action with very little motion of your own.  The cat can more easily forget you’re there and you get them to run across your lap without and maybe even settle on your legs without freaking at the contact.  Not a problem with this set.

Another thing to be aware of with toys for fosters is how easy or hard it is to clean between litters.


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Posted by on August 30, 2011 in Hale Bopp and all


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