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Growing up

in the basket

First off, it looks like Pam will kitten-sit while I’m away.  Second, I went in to their room and someone had done a very decorative poop IN THE LITTERBOX, all tidy and proper.  Third, I brought in a little kmr mixed with canned food, offered it and 3 out of 4 eagerly ate it.  It still involves slipping the food in the mouth for some, some of the time, but they’re happy with the notion now.  Big Pam (the kitten) was least interested, but competition is a strong guiding force.

Then I took them out on the deck for their first outdoor my nosein each others' faces

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alertFairly laid back morning; good for cuddling and then snoozing.  As noted in my comment yesterday, they now have BEBHS names: Big Pam (green), Stuey (grey), Carlotta (magenta), Novena (Blue).  They’re still wobbly walkers, but they try to exit the carrier bed before pooping so I’m making the litter box less avoidable.  It doesn’t make things a lot neater yet, but it’s the beginnings of taking care of themselves.not alert


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The Kittens March O’er the Towel

They don’t stay in formation for very long, but they’re on the go now. They’re looking and exploring and having a great time.  They probably get to go to BEBHS for a checkup some time tomorrow.  So, I should come up with names.

I think blue and magenta are girls, so Blu and Maggie would work fine.  BlueBelle if Blue was taken.

Green could be Kermit and Grey Gandalf.  Or Cloudy.  Suggestions welcomed.


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Clean Kittens

hey thereI’ve moved the kittens into 1/2 of the undertable space in Em’s room now, so they can exit the box to tell me how hungry they are.  They also can exit instead of pooping on all their siblings but that’s a skill they need to learn yet.  They are all very clean now.


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They’re at the lie-on-your-lap-and-be-adorable stage.  Yesterday was everyone-catch-up-on-pooping, but today just the designated pooper, blue-collar, was thus engaged.  Green collar sometimes forgets how to get milk from a bottle, but because he’s about 20% bigger than the others, I’m not worried.


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Happy Squirming

gootchie gooCheesesmoochies

It has been a while, so three photos.  All of the eyes are opened now, the ears are growing, they’re doing pretty well.  Some eyes are a little goopy (grey and blue yarn kittens) but that may clear up on its own.  Some are definitely looking with those newly opened eyes.

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Grand Opening

ay, it's talk-like-a-pirate day!

of the eyes that is.  Their eyes are opening up and I can see a glint now and then.  Sorry the photo is blurry, but I’ll be avoiding flash now.  The goopiness is not staying on the two that had it, so that’s good.  It will be a day or two before seeing gets useful to them; until they integrate it in their brains it’s just more trippy inputs.

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