Settling In

15 Sep

there will be eyes

Sorry, I’ve not figured out names yet.  I believe this is Comrade Blue Yarn.  Nope, it’s Comrade Grey, the Purr master.

Yesterday they were not complaining much; today they complained a  lot, possibly due to poop issues.  But they’re all fully functional kittens now.  We all accidentally slept through the night last night.  I think I made a mistake on setting the alarm.  The previous night had very little sleep for anyone, so it was not too bad a deal.

I moved them from the box to the carrier because it has more room to have some area not on the heating pad.  It’s also more secure from them climbing out or our cats reaching in. They roam all over when out of the carrier.

The eyes are starting to have the “open here” section, nose-side.  It’ll still be a few days before they open.

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Posted by on September 15, 2011 in From Pam and Stu


One response to “Settling In

  1. Pamela Marvel

    September 16, 2011 at 8:35 am

    I’m eagerly reading any and all tidbits of news from you and the Four Comrades. Delightful photos too. Thanks for posting. The Comrades sure appear to be strong and adventurous guys! And developing nicely – whew. How are they doing today? More complaining?


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