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Covering all the Bases


Pam here is covering all the bases in trying to regain her weight advantage.  I think they are doing better, but Pam and Stu have not gained weight these last several days.  Everyone is active and happy though, so it’s probably just digestive issues that will work themselves out.  I don’t think anyone will be 32 ounces by Friday though.  Happy Halloween!




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Another Sunny Day

3 greys

Not the cleanest faces; we’re still fighting the face crud.  They’ve also had the runs a lot, but that could be a reaction to changing to food and changing from Pam’s house to mine.  Novena is catching up to Pam Kitten in weight: they may be at weight for spaying Friday, but I really doubt Stu or Carlotta will be.  They are eating more science diet kibble, and if they digest it, that tends to pork up kittens.  They also all have learned to drink water from the bowl.


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Formerly Hamilton and Huxtable

grownups now

Got a missive from the new family of Hamilton and Huxtable, with photos!  Hux is now Possum and Ham is Pigeon, but they are gathering nicknames with alacrity.  They are obviously great buddies and very comfy in their home.

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Playful and Healthy

container for the kittens containedI picked up more canned food for the little eaters.  They’re due for spay/neuter on November 4 with no appointments before that.  They’ve learned all the major cat things, other than leaping onto higher surfaces and knocking things down.  They do know the “climb onto a shoulder for a good view”, and “poke your head into any open mouth”.


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Cuddly Kittens

front viewtop viewThey’re all very happy to have laps for naps.  They enjoy having the cello string and mardi-gras beads moved so they can chase them, and having frequent refills of canned food, but they’re still young and need their naptime.  The face crud is pretty well gone, with minimal loss of hair.  It’s a nice stage.

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And Back Again

knee capI was off for a couple weeks taking fiddle classes in Darjeeling, India, and playing tourist.  I got back Friday and got the kittens back from Pam after their vet visit that day too.  They settled right in.  They’re all weaned and use the litter box (mostly).  Carlotta will even eat kibble and they others are getting interested in it.  Pam continues to stay about 4 ounces bigger than the others (26 vs 21 ounces).  I don’t know that they remember me, but they’re sure friendly with me.

They have had some food face crud which I’m cleaning off.  Just a little bit of it is still evident.  Other than that, they’re hale and healthy.

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New Home

new digs

After an initial “I can’t take food from you” the kittens got used to their new mom, Pamela.  She writes:

“My old cat Spice was considerate enough to wake me at 2:30am this morning, so I could get up and feed the team. Everybody hungry and ate well.  I just finished spending a few hours with them this morning.  Everyone ate well.  I started and ended with Novena (blue)…think I fed her about 3 times before she finally toddled off for a nap.  Not getting many takers for the solid food, but that hasn’t been a focus yet.  Got 3 poops near the litter box, so added -belatedly- a shorter litter box that they can climb into much easier.  We’ll see how that goes.”

Now they’re over that initial reluctance, I think they’ll eat well enough to skip the midnight feedings.  Spice may enjoy the wee hour actiivity though.


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sunny dayEm and Kevin were here this weekend (some of the time) and available for extra kitten cuddles and photographing.  The kittens are still wobbly, especially on hardwood floors, but they’re scampering and staring and attacking each other.  They’re developing nicely.  I hand them over to Pam tomorrow (because I’ll be gone the 5th through the 21st).

…And now they’re off with Pam.  Empty nest for now.


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