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Ride ‘Em, Cowcats

yee hawThis is the rocking horse my grandfather made, back in the fifties.  My father repainted it, and the ears and tail have been replaced.  My sister’s kids and then mine played on it.  Sometimes it is in storage in the garage.  Now it is another thing for kittens to climb on.  One just has to be careful not to rock near kitty tails.


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Home Here For The Week

gotcha!As you can see, neither got adopted this weekend.  Pam was hissy Sunday; perhaps she didn’t like her neighbors.  If the door is open (and barricade up) our cat, Commie, will walk by and hiss at them.  Nora stares but is shy, Snuggles would like their kibble but avoids seeing the kittens.

They are fierce mousers, indeed, if the mouse is a fuzzy toy one anyhow.  Snuggles learned to kill real (baby) rats on her own, after 3 days of studying one.  These kittens might learn, or they could be pacifists.


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Higgins All Grown up

wine, cheese, and truffles, with cat…I hope.  At 15 pounds, I hope he’s all grown up.  He’s obviously living the good life.  His new name is Nino, and his new family was kind enough to send some photos of him.


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Playing Door

Door!When I’m in the room with them, the barricade is sufficient to keep them in the room, as long as nothing too interesting is happening in the hall.  Then they can play Door.  It’s got enough gap at the bottom to fit a paw partway through.  They have yet to discover the hinge-side gap, but this has been good.  They enjoy the mystery of poking at each other when they can’t see each other.

I also have to keep our own cats out.  When Snuggles heard me open a new bag of kibble, she hopped in.  Then everyone stood around stiffly.  Pam gets quite a ridge on her back when she’s scared and trying to look tough.  Snuggles didn’t really want to be with the kittens, and she knew the kibble wasn’t hers, so she left pretty quickly.


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Movie Day

So I got a couple of typical play sessions, although there have also been some intense sleepy snuggle sessions too.

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Repurposed Items

lots of unintended useThis was the photo I’d meant to post earlier today, but Sam borrowed my camera.  The hoodie picture was taken with Mackenzie’s camera.

The kittens’ incisions look good, so I returned some climbing things and added more.  This post was one I’d made and re-covered a while back, that my cats don’t use.  I washed it after a pee incident and gave it to the kittens.  It includes a bike spoke covered in a drinking straw, holding an old cello string and leftover yarn bobble.  I put it next to the tall chair and Carlotta flew up in and figured out how to get on the chair.  Pam went up the post from under the chair and had more of a problem figuring how to get onto the chair.

They’ve had lots of company today and even chilled out watching youTube kitten videos.  The mewing really grabs their attention.


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Kittez In Da Hood

in da hoodAmber enjoyed the kitties and they enjoyed her cuddles and the hood ride.  Pam’s not a shoulder rider like Carlotta is, so it was nice for her to get the high ride.  Plus Amber’s a lot taller than I am.

The kittens have been enjoying the chicken broth and samples.  And the heating pad and kibble.  They’re very happy kittens.  And later they’ll get Emily and Kevin.

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Down to Two

working togetherCarlotta has a small bladder but apparently no crystals now. Pam kindly accompanied her to the vet for this checkup and has been playing and cuddling with her throughout the day.  I’m really hoping the two get adopted together this weekend, although having a new house and other pets might keep Carlotta from pining.  They make a good couple and are easily distinguished one from the other.

The vet recommended some chicken soup to encourage more drinking, so I bought some chicken legs and have boiled up a broth. I cooled it down to body temperature but they acted like it was startlingly hot, but worth it.  I’ll give my cats some too as someone has some outside-the-box pee issues.


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I Guess It’s not Rainy Enough Yet

yum Sometimes it seems a rainier day leads to more kitten/cat adoptions. Today it’s only dripped a bit coming home.  Stu(pendous) got adopted but Pam and Novena did not.  Carlotta stayed home crying because she was left out.  They found some crystals in her urine and want to check her out Monday before she goes out for adoption.

I brought her with me to fetch the grays so she could be reunited.  She got to check out their cage and food, and use their litterbox.  The shelter staff don’t want the distraction of having a kitten that’s not up for adoption out on “display” with those that are, so she stays home tomorrow.  At least I’ll be home in the morning to keep her company.

So now it’s Sunday.  I’m leaving in an hour.  Every time I leave the room without her, Carlotta cries piteously.  But when I’m with her, she tries to breach the barricade if the door is open.  She really misses her sisters.  I did some cooking with her inside my sweatshirt, as in a baby snuggli.  She liked that, but then got restless (and farty) so I set her back in her room.  Cry, cry, cry.  I’m hoping at most one more sister gets adopted today so she won’t be alone tonight.

Sunday night now.  Carlotta started sleeping on my computer keyboard, so I moved her to the heating pad and she fell asleep there before I left in the early afternoon.  And now I’m home with Carlotta and Pam.  Novena got adopted today.  She was often off separate from the others so I think she’ll handle separation better.  And maybe Pam and Novena can get adopted together next weekend.

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Tomorrow’s Their First Adoption Event

laptimeThey’ll be available at the 9th street building (2700 Ninth St; Berkeley) 11 to 5 Saturday, or until they’re adopted.  They’re a very quiet group.  Last night, Stu was too relaxed to meow out loud and just kept chatting with a silent meow.  On her meds, the shelter is calling her “Stupendous”.  These kittens are all ready to take over a house and more hearts.

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