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they're touching!

With the colder weather, the cats follow the sun on the bed.  At this point, Nora has most of the sun, but Commie has most of the fur.  Snuggles is on the chair because she needs her space.

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Visitor From A Different Sphere

Nora meets Catherine SocksEmily is hamster-sitting: Catherine Socks’ papa is doing a semester abroad.  While her cage was being cleaned, she got to explore the room from inside the hamster ball.  Then, for some unsupervised time while the cage dried, we just blocked her under the white desk, which I use to cage 2 to 4 week old kittens, or feral kittens, before they’re trusted with a whole room.  This caging won’t keep a hamster in, but it keeps cats out, while giving them a view.  Nora has been seriously studying her, considering her a potential friend.  Snuggles looked at her rather differently; she kills mice and small rats.  Commie hasn’t seen the hamster since she moved up out of the living room.

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One Relaxed–The Night Before Her Forever Home


Nothing like an evening with Dr. Who and National Geographics animals, and a warm lap, to induce a deep sleep.  Of course, Pam watches the videos and got perhaps inspired by the leopards.  She jumped at Em’s face a little too roughly.  She may have been contrite afterwards.


So, Saturday night and all the kittens have their forever homes.  Pam’s new mom was just filling out the paperwork when I went to pick up the kittens.  I just picked up their carrier, and said goodby to Pam.  She was alone probably for the first time ever and looked very lonely (her mom was in a separate room at the time).  Good luck to them all.


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Product Testing

Must study thisAdmittedly, they’ll play with anything, including the scraps from cutting out more of these toys.  Pam and Carlotta will study this object though and test it for bat-ability, durability, and sustaining interest.  And I don’t even have to pay them.


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