Other End of the Age Spectrum

20 Jan

cuddlesMackenzie’s cat, Dmitri, has been living with her mom, but recently developed what turns out to be kidney trouble and low potassium levels.  His back legs were almost non-functional and he stopped wanting to use the great outdoors for potty needs.  And he’s never used a box.

So now he’s a geriatric resident under the table in Em’s room.  He’s about 20 years old and now has potassium supplements in his food and will be getting subcutaneous fluids–with a big needle not the tiny butterflies I’ve used on kittens.  He will be Mackenzie’s responsibility, but we’ll all be involved.  When someone’s with him, he can wander the room, but he has trouble walking on the floor and he’s well settled into his heated bed.  I don’t think he’s peed all day, litter box nor towels.

He purrs a lot, but growled when Nora came in trying to make friends.  The other cats have not come in to her room yet; we’ll keep them separate for now.

In moving things about, we found that Snuggles (most likely) had peed on some stuff in Em’s room, some time ago.  I think she’s better now, but it won’t be like he’s the only senile cat.

This may still work with kittens.  Teeny tinies stay in my room to be fed in the wee hours and all; a little older can live in the closet.  Dmitri is not very active, and likely this is a hospice sort of thing.  Then again, balancing his potassium levels may work wonders and he won’t have to stay secluded.  I don’t know the kidney prognosis though.

BTW, if you post a comment and it doesn’t show in a couple of days, it’s because it looked like a generic spam foothold attempt: “loved your post! so insightful”.  If it is a spammer, and I let it in, it posts lots of crud later.  So, sorry if I’ve ignored someone who truly wanted to post a comment.


Morning update: Dmitri was fine until around 5:30 this morning, when he got lonely.  Mackenzie joined him at floor level on cushions, but that wasn’t good enough so he climbed the ladder to the loft to be in a bed.  He can walk on the floor without his back legs splaying out now.  To climb, he hooks his front legs one at a time over the next rung and hauls himself up, so the back legs do more balancing than pushing.  He also has peed in his litterbox.

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