Walking But Not Eating

27 Jan

sitting prettySo Dmitri now gets around pretty well, not spry but sometimes hard to catch.  He knows all the tricks about going under things.  He’s not a jumper but he is a good pusher, so obstacles have to be heavy enough he can’t push them aside and not climbable.

However, he’s eating almost nothing.  Tuesday, I could jump start him by putting some food in his mouth and he’d start to eat voluntarily.  Now he’s more resistant.  He’s still getting subcutaneous fluids every other day, and he does drink water.  Earlier in the week, he’d eat kibble, so we thought it was the potassium additive he was objecting to, but now he’s not even eating kibble.

Much of the time, he sleeps, but he’ll spend long periods wandering about, yowling.  Not sounding pained but confused and annoyed.  Thursday morning, that started at 4 a.m. He enjoys being held, for a while.  He now has the run of the house, and the other cats stare a lot, but have mostly stopped complaining.  Snuggles keeps going for his kibble, which is a special low-protein mix so I would have thought it not tasty.  But she may have kidney problems too, being rather old.


And now that I posted this, he’s eating kibble.  Whatever he does, it will be at his own pace.

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One response to “Walking But Not Eating

  1. deb

    January 27, 2012 at 11:35 am

    I think they know when they are dying, and they can be sad, but accepting in a way that us people aren’t. Also he may be a bit confused because he is in a different home after I am assuming many years with McKenzie’s mom. Poor guy, glad he is getting so much TLC from you.


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