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Experimental Yawns

very funny

Thinking a yawning picture would be interesting, I yawned a few times at Nora; it only took a couple to trigger a yarn.  Then I tried it with Commodore and no luck.  Em assumes it’s Commie’s lack of empathy. Snuggles viewed it as Behavior of Concern: she’d worry but not run yet because she was in her safe chair.

However, she did pose nicely for a heroic shot.  I do still suspect her of peeing in Em’s closet in the hero


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And Change Again

Sorry, no picture.

Dmitri started spraying around the house: the speaker last night, the heater and a (blank) pad of art newsprint.  By the smell, he’d hit some other spots.  So I restricted him to the computer room downstairs and sat with him much of the day.  From what I’ve read, it’s likely a stress reaction and a wish to claim the house, especially over Commie who is the only cat to dispute his rule.  He was very friendly and cuddly all afternoon.

Eventually I found the leash and harness and took him outside.  He was very intense about everything–he is used to being an indoor-outdoor cat.  He’d growl whenever I brought him out from awkward areas or back towards the house.  When I left the leash tied to the open door, he figured how to slip out of the harness, but he was slow enough for me to catch him.

Mackenzie called her Mom who decided to take him back.  She’s setting things up so he can go outside at will now that he can walk again.  His gimpy walk will attract predators, but if he stays close to his house, he may be fairly safe.  Our neighborhood has a lot of cat arguments this time of year; his may be quieter.  But, I think he will be happier in his old home and with being allowed outside on his own.  The goal isn’t the length of life but the pleasures.

And many of my mats throw rugs, and walls are cleaner now.  And the mornings should be quieter.

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FItting in, Knitting In

1-legged plesiosaurDmitri is getting knit into the family now.  I wanted to take a picture of my plesiosaur now that he has a little shape and Dmitri decided that it either needed to be played with or posed with.  He was doing a little worse for a while, when he refused to eat anything with potassium in it (and he was offered nothing without it), but now he’s on a once-a-day 1/4 tsp dose, and we only put it in really wonderful things such as clam juice, salmon juice, or chicken broth.  He turns it down, but when left alone in a room with it, he eats it.

Dmitri and Nora can share a people bed, especially if the sun is shining on it.  Commie is still disgruntled about him being anywhere.  And Snuggle projected such an air of her omega-cat-ness (as opposed to alpha) that he chased her, even though he can’t run yet.


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The Old Gray Cat

getting to know all about you

All the cats know I leave some kibble in Dmitri’s beds, just to encourage him to eat.  Nora, as ever, works at becoming friends.  Snuggles runs away and Commie engages in hissing contests.

The video is mostly for the audio.  Dmitri wakes up and yowls between 4 and 5 in the morning and is sometimes happy for an hour or so on the front deck.  It was drizzling this morning however.  After that, he wants a litter box and some awake company.  He’d like to go outside in the yard, but it would likely be a short, unpleasant adventure.

“The Old Gray Cat” is a fiddle tune, starting with a high wailing E.

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