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yumtum diddlyum tumThe face of a satisfied diner.  Their last bottle was Thursday morning.  They can all eat at the same time, which they couldn’t do with me giving them a bottle, but that doesn’t mean they don’t fight.  I no longer need the cheese topping to entice them.  Perfecto even checked out the water bowl.  They have yet to master eating kibble and drinking water from a bowl, but they’re pretty well set now.  They’re 5 weeks old.


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Self Portrait With Kittens

cuddle puddle

Nothing too new.  Perfecto does not want to eat from a finger nor a dish, Purdue will take food from a finger, Perp and Pernicious just eat.  All still like a bottle.  Despite the pose, they have not been interested in crawling into my mouth, which is nice.

The play is getting more coordinated, pounces actually have some back leg action.  Rushing the door has become popular, do I put in the short barricade.  I still close the door to keep our adult cats out if I’m going to be gone.

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Weans With Cheeses

slurp slurpThey’ve tolerated Felidae with KMR being put in their mouths, but not chicken.  Today I tried itty bits of cheese and, Bingo!, they ate them.  Then I did the usual Felidae and KMR with a light dusting of grated cheese.  First Pernicious (with his new green collar) caught on and kept returning and slurping more.  The others were interested but didn’t want to get their faces too close.  Then Perp was tempted and I just scrunched him closer so he could smell it and he started to eat.slurp slurp

The other two are, like, “Dude, that’s ridiculous.  Where’s my bottle?”  Ha ha! Their bottle days are numbered.

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Could Be A Horror Movie Poster

surreal kittens

I don’t know how this picture came out like multiple exposures and ghost kitties, but some combination of a compact fluorescent and a partially covered camera flash made for a very odd photo.  The claws are like something from “Calvin and Hobbes”.

Anyhow, they’re still very attached to the bottle and mostly only accept food that I scoop into their mouths.  But the good news is that they use the litter box.  They also use the floor at times, but they know that they need to pee, they know how to squat, and they’re getting into digging a bit.  Purdue is also into butt-nuzzling, but as the others get into taking care of themselves, I think that will ease off.  It is a nasty habit though.  I keep telling (and showing) him he can get food from the dish instead.

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Demonstration of the Foody Foot Method of Weaning

They’re about 4 weeks old now and I’ve been putting food in their mouths at various times of the day. Sometimes it goes down. I leave the dish in their enclosure so it’s available through the day. Here one demonstrates walking through the food (going around is not an option that occurs to them), not wanting to walk on the foody foot, and licking the foot clean(er). Small steps in weaning.  They aren’t the quickest kittens on learning basic life skills.


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Well-Adjusted Kittens

what am I doing?They’re not playing with toys yet, but they do sometime touch them repeatedly.  Their ears are growing to normal size; soon they will outpace the head size and look huge.  I’ve been giving them a little canned food, mixed with formula, off my finger.  It’s mostly gone the right way, and occasionally a kitten will lick a little more off my finger.  Once they’ve had a little food, they cannot suck a bottle for at least a half hour.  I’ve seen this with every litter I’ve weaned: they cannot suck if there is any trace of food in their mouths.  I leave the dish there in case they get inspired, but mostly they just step in the dish, if it’s in their path.  Going over is too big a step, and going around is just not in their mental toolkit.

I also have left a litter box in their way, just to annoy them.


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that rosy glow

After another day at the office, again with great through-put, we all came home.  They had a good drink followed by lazy play, where they bite and paw anything handy but remain supine.  Don set up a cardboard box at the office so they’d have more space than in the carrier, and it was easier to see what they were up to and for them to have some choices of where to be.  I forgot however that he’d not taped the bottom shut.  When they woke up all messy, I was going to carry the box to the bathroom but just dropped everyone out the “trap door” bottom of the box.  No damage, no additional mess even.

Pernicious was doing a daily weight loss for the previous three days, but made it all back up the next day.  20 grams is not much, but it shows as a percentage of 320 or so.

The rosy glow of the photo is because a close up flash is rude and too contrasty, so I block much of the flash with my finger.  I could play with some filters over the flash, but fingers are handy.

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