12 Apr

that rosy glow

After another day at the office, again with great through-put, we all came home.  They had a good drink followed by lazy play, where they bite and paw anything handy but remain supine.  Don set up a cardboard box at the office so they’d have more space than in the carrier, and it was easier to see what they were up to and for them to have some choices of where to be.  I forgot however that he’d not taped the bottom shut.  When they woke up all messy, I was going to carry the box to the bathroom but just dropped everyone out the “trap door” bottom of the box.  No damage, no additional mess even.

Pernicious was doing a daily weight loss for the previous three days, but made it all back up the next day.  20 grams is not much, but it shows as a percentage of 320 or so.

The rosy glow of the photo is because a close up flash is rude and too contrasty, so I block much of the flash with my finger.  I could play with some filters over the flash, but fingers are handy.

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