Well-Adjusted Kittens

16 Apr

what am I doing?They’re not playing with toys yet, but they do sometime touch them repeatedly.  Their ears are growing to normal size; soon they will outpace the head size and look huge.  I’ve been giving them a little canned food, mixed with formula, off my finger.  It’s mostly gone the right way, and occasionally a kitten will lick a little more off my finger.  Once they’ve had a little food, they cannot suck a bottle for at least a half hour.  I’ve seen this with every litter I’ve weaned: they cannot suck if there is any trace of food in their mouths.  I leave the dish there in case they get inspired, but mostly they just step in the dish, if it’s in their path.  Going over is too big a step, and going around is just not in their mental toolkit.

I also have left a litter box in their way, just to annoy them.


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One response to “Well-Adjusted Kittens

  1. Felix

    April 16, 2012 at 5:59 pm

    They, in turn, will annoy you with the litter box ….


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