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Pernicious Tail

I was going to post pictures of the kittens fighting over strands of grass, which were pretty exciting, but Pernicious started demonstrating his method of chasing his tail so here’s a video.

They get neutered tomorrow, so they’ll probably not be nearly so happy.

news: Berkeley Humane says the face crud the kittens have is ringworm, so they’re not getting surgery today, not coming back here, and I probably won’t have kittens for 6 months or more.



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Deck Again


Kitten PreservesWe had our morning deck time.  I found that Perp, who still has face crud issues had pretty intense foot crud–I’ve never seen so much caked up between the toes.  I don’t know if it is the grain-based litter or from kneading canned food, but it may be that she cannot clean her face well with those tootsies.

The big jar is my cricket container, for frog food.  I just put the last ones in for the frog and let the kittens examine their former abode.  It’s only fair, as I include a few cat kibbles for the crickets to eat.

Other than being not so clean, they’re eating and gaining well, and likely will all be at 2 pounds by neutering day this Tuesday.

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Multiplier Effect

Toys added to toys multiply the effect. A tall chair is a jungle gym if close enough to the climbing post. Straws and strings you have to climb for are more interesting. A marble in a shallow bowl is totally different from one on the floor, where it mostly rolls in a straight line.

They’re all gaining well now. Perfecto reached two pounds. The only issue they have is face crud: I thought they were clean enough after eating, but they weren’t. Their skin develops a layer of crud that gets sore, so I have to clean them a lot now, which they don’t like. I’m trying a little butter on their faces to loosen the crud, encourage them to clean more, and to make it feel better.

[For some reason, even after I turn a video right side up on you tube, it shows the thumbnail sideways.  At least you can watch the movie without tilting.]

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Noisy Eaters, Quiet Sleepers

cuddle buddies

It turns out Pernicious especially had been sucking his food; as I started adding less liquid, he started getting less good at eating.  I expect a little weight loss or lack of gain around eating, but a week after weaning, he was headed down more.  So I discovered his little problem and started prying open his mouth to insert food.  He was desperately eager and gained back all his weight that day.  He sometimes does a little better on opening his mouth to eat, but the intensity of the experience works against him.  I’m back to adding more water and monitoring their consumption a little more.  The photo above is him cuddling with Perfecto.

The video below is their eating in action, with full audio.  They changed places a lot before I started the camera, and did so again towards the end of the clip.



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Kittens At Play

They’re learning to climb, they might consider kibble to be food, they were happy playing outside on the deck today.  Bad trait: one of them wants to nibble the callouses off my feet.

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Hey Diddle Diddle

look behind you

I took them out on the deck again.  They still don’t trust all that open air and sunshine.  But it’s much easier to photograph black cats in the sun.

nope, synthetic strings

They are, however, getting used to the fiddle.  They’ll crowd in on my lap while I play and not even complain about the E string.  Sometimes a full downbow is difficult.

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Smaller Milestones

it's pipecleaners, aka chenille stems
I wouldn’t say they’re much tidier at eating, but they get themselves clean pretty much.  They have no interest in kibble, fresh or sogged.  I’ve only seen Perfecto take a try at drinking water.  So they do have more to learn about food, but YAY! no bottles.

They now chase toys, follow string-dangled items, look up for where something went.  There’s a little bit of climbing, but they’re not born head-sitters, unlike, say, Tweeter.  They put up with fiddling.  They’re excellent at purring, which is appropriate given their names.

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