Multiplier Effect

10 May

Toys added to toys multiply the effect. A tall chair is a jungle gym if close enough to the climbing post. Straws and strings you have to climb for are more interesting. A marble in a shallow bowl is totally different from one on the floor, where it mostly rolls in a straight line.

They’re all gaining well now. Perfecto reached two pounds. The only issue they have is face crud: I thought they were clean enough after eating, but they weren’t. Their skin develops a layer of crud that gets sore, so I have to clean them a lot now, which they don’t like. I’m trying a little butter on their faces to loosen the crud, encourage them to clean more, and to make it feel better.

[For some reason, even after I turn a video right side up on you tube, it shows the thumbnail sideways.  At least you can watch the movie without tilting.]

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