The Ms and Ns

16 Jun


brush me

Brushing is magic for Misha (as for Nora).  He even approached me this morning, getting close enough for me to put him on my lap and brush him.  He starts grabbing my legs, which he’s learning I don’t like, but he’s much more relaxed about being held or petted.

Yesterday though, he barfed twice and was low on appetite.  They finished the Science Diet kibble, and Cattown brought some other brand, which they like a lot.  No barfing today, back to normal activity, a little less chowing down on the canned food, but that may be because they’re eating kibble.
bigger space

The little N crew continues with ups and downs, sometimes gulping down a bottle full, sometimes refusing.  Nelly and Noir have enthusiastically eaten canned food, I think once each.  They’re not gaining much nor losing much, which is worrisome but not alarming.  The butt nuzzling may be toning down a little.

I opened their area out a little further and put in a real litter box.  They like the scamper space.


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