This Too Shall Pass

29 Jun


bigger than I thought

Not the cutest picture, but a story.  On the 20th, when Bob was feeding them, Nikolai lets the bottle free and—no nipple tip!  Bob gave up on the BEBHS phone tree and phoned me at work. I figured choking was the main hazard and that hadn’t happened, it might be elsewhere in the room, or one way or the other it would pass.  It’s not something that would show up on an X-ray.  Nikolai showed no signs of distress then or since then, no straining to poop, no reduction in appetite nor bloating.  And eventually he’d get big enough to pass it.  I hadn’t thought about it getting bigger or softer.

Yesterday, they had shots and worming.  This morning, there’s the swollen nipple, in what I think was a bit of spit-up.  The diameter is about 30% bigger on the ingested portion, and it’s more flexible than before its long soak.  Nikolai’s appetite is still good.

The “power failure report” just provided a white background; it was an Uninterruptible Power Supply printout from 1994, which has been sitting in our scrap paper for a while.


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One response to “This Too Shall Pass

  1. Mollie and Deb

    June 30, 2012 at 6:39 am

    I imagine their mother is glad she is elsewhere!


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