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Reliable Purring


This litter is not as quick to purr.  Vi does, just about every time he’s held, and I just became aware of it when Veronica started purring.  They come running to great everyone, and talk like crazy (often with a “stop it!” tone as one is chewing another).  As soon as they hear anyone up in the morning, they start singing for breakfast.  The previous sets were unusually quiet; this set is not.

Veronica started eating dry kibble.  I’m still adding KMR to the canned food and making it extra gooshy, but I think I’ll start easing off on that.  Most of them think the kibble is inferior to canned food, whether or not I sog the kibble.  They all are gaining weight and staying active and healthy.


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Again On the Deck

the camera can add an ounce if you eat the strap


I think perhaps they should market camera straps as cat toys.  The kittens all had a great time on the deck this morning.  They they got all whiney about being attacked by their siblings.  Everyone was doing it, indiscriminately, so they all were complaining, in series.

Velvet’s slowed on growth, and Volcano’s foot was crusted with food yesterday and got a little sore with cleaning.  But they’re all interested in soggy Science Diet kibble which is neater and really porks kittens up.  They’re basically fine.


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More Kittens on Deck

They’re a little shy about running around on the deck.  Some days, it’s too cold and cloudy for me to want to be outside; some days it’s too hot on the deck for them.  This was near noon, so it was pretty warm and they appreciated partial shade.

They’re eating better again.  They’ve discovered the joy of soggy kibble, and Science Diet Kibble is great for putting on weight.

They had an uneventful vet trip yesterday and got a different carrier.  I forgot to tell the story about bringing them home the first time.  I use a bicycle with a trailer and they were in a carrier.  I look back at them frequently.  On a busy street, Sacramento and Ashby, I look back and see the carrier door is open.  I quickly shut it and counted–all 5 had stayed inside, luckily.  For the trip yesterday, I secured the carrier where it was a bit wobbly loose.


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Imitating Escher


It is nice to have kittens who don’t all look alike.  Here’s three, saved by the blanket from sinking through my lap.  I was easing down the amount of chicken (and running out of chicken) that I add to their food, and they’ve slowed down on the weight gain.  Vernon barfed yesterday, but later was eating and apparently digesting well.

I’ve been losing track of vet appointments though.  With the swap, I did have dates but not times and forgot to even check when that date arrived.  My bad.


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Sunny Days

ImageThe white collared tabby, who might be Volcano and might be Velvet, is a lovely longhair when clean.

They all can self-start on eating now.  There still is a tendency to suck the food.  If the chunk is too big to suck in, it travels with the kitten, onto the floor, someone’s back, where ever.  Sometimes it is dropped, sometimes it makes it in.  There will probably be another few days of very messy eating.

They’re all gaining weight nicely.  The lightest is up to where the heaviest started, but they all feel more substantial now and play more.


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Sucking at Eating


A demonstration of food sucking: either the kitten bites some food, sucks it up from the dish or my finger, or I put some partway in her mouth.  Kitten proceeds to suck at the food, perhaps getting more in her mouth.  If it is off-center, she will keep turning towards it; if it seems to be dropping she might chase it under her belly.  Eventually, most of it will end up inside the kitten.  Chicken is good because it is stringy and once some of it is in her mouth, the rest can be drawn in.  It seems to hold a lot of formula (KMR) also.  They all are gaining weight now however.

One of the tabbies is always rather greasy; I think she walks under the others while they are eating.  All of them are getting frequent face washes and needing it.  They do wash themselves, but not very well.

Bonus video.



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More of the V’s

4 out of 5


So, four out of five in this picture, but it’s one where the white with seal points, Veronica, actually looks like a kitten not a toy or pillow.  Just imagine another tabby and you have the set.

If it’s been a while, one or two will take a bottle eagerly, but mostly they want chicken.  Weighing them in grams, there’s not yet a gain: some a little loss, some a little gain, but under 10 grams difference since I got them.  They have reached the age of exploration and wander about if I allow them out of the enclosure.  Shoes are popular.