Presto Change-o

21 Jul

nom nom

Another foster parent had this set of 5 for a week and was despairing of them eating enough to gain weight.  BEBHS got this set from Martinez, with the information that they were weaned.  Well, not all the way apparently.  So we swapped kittens.  I bought some incentive chicken and boiled it down to soup and meat.

There are 2 tabby cats, one black (or charcoal?), one black and white, and one elegant white with slight siamese markings.  They’re four weeks old and weigh around 300 grams each (~10 ounces).

When I got these guys home, I offered a bottle, and two of them took it eagerly.  The others were not interested, and no one has been interested since then.  I then tried some chicken and they all liked it.  Vernon, this black and white kitten, was so intense he’d lock his jaws on the food, on my finger, on the bedding–he didn’t know where or what it was, but he wanted it intensely.

I mixed some KMR, canned food, and fresh chicken and they eat pretty well.  I left it in their enclosure and I often hear them go back to it and eat more.

I’d been warned that one of the tabbies was a climber, so I put manila folders on the enclosure.  The kitten climbed to the top and tried to stick his or her head through the wires, so I extended the blocking.

Once I trick them all into eating, I’ll reduce the chicken.  They do have the skills and the teeth.

The N’s will have a good time exploring a new home.  Then on Tuesday, they have their surgeries and on the weekend they’ll be available for adoption.  The Pers all got adopted finally.


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