More Kittens on Deck

28 Jul

They’re a little shy about running around on the deck.  Some days, it’s too cold and cloudy for me to want to be outside; some days it’s too hot on the deck for them.  This was near noon, so it was pretty warm and they appreciated partial shade.

They’re eating better again.  They’ve discovered the joy of soggy kibble, and Science Diet Kibble is great for putting on weight.

They had an uneventful vet trip yesterday and got a different carrier.  I forgot to tell the story about bringing them home the first time.  I use a bicycle with a trailer and they were in a carrier.  I look back at them frequently.  On a busy street, Sacramento and Ashby, I look back and see the carrier door is open.  I quickly shut it and counted–all 5 had stayed inside, luckily.  For the trip yesterday, I secured the carrier where it was a bit wobbly loose.


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