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Lap Training


When I first got this set of kittens, they didn’t purr much and they strongly objected to being put on their backs.  They liked being held, but they had their limits.  Now belly up is a default lap position, while purring loudly.  A few of them will even participate in conversations.


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All Together

new thing to sleep on

Getting ready to resume synchronized napping.  They were on my lap, but when I got up, they all decided the cushion was the next best thing.

They’re learning jumping now.  Velvet (or Volcano as I have their names switched) can jump almost to the top of the barricade when it is fully up.  Veronica often climbs up the loft ladder up to where I have it blocked.  They’re beginning to be able to get anywhere they notice as potentially interesting.

Now just the Tabbies are under two pounds.

If you ever wondered what it looks like when kittens are sleeping on your lap and slipping down through your legs, it looks like a lot of butts.  Holding the camera below my legs as I sit, it makes a weird and silly picture, but not a great one.  This one will likely be the one on petfinders when they’re ready for adoption.


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Striking The Tent


This is a marvelous tent.  I’ve been trying to figure how to keep it upright.  Having the heavy wooden puzzle box in there means that when they flip the tent, it can really trap a kitten in the folds.  The video shows the action with nothing but kittens in the tent.  I have seen it folded nearly flat with a kitten inside, but no one was trapped this time.  Now I have a large, heavy cotton towel in there, which makes it fascinatingly different.

The boys are both above two pounds; the girls are gaining.  Their toenails have yet to get sharp again.

cozy place to chomp a sibling


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A Well-Designed Toy

knock knockples ring if anser is rekwired

This toy folds up and just sproings out when released.  There’s a ridge pole that gives enough support for a kitten on top, just enough windows, and translucent enough to entice.  Plus, it’s silly.

When I picked the V’s up, they decided to give them the shots they were schedule to have Thursday, as they won’t be heavy enough for spay/neuter by then.  Well, Vi hit 2 pounds, but not the others.  The staff also trimmed the kitten claws, more than I do, so I’ll have fewer new scratches.  The kittens are now scheduled for surgery on September 5th, the Wednesday after Labor Day.


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The Best Thing Ever!


I  have the V’s back now.  They had a wonderful vacation weekend in a long narrow bathroom!  With a broom!  And an exciting lady to climb!  And new toys!  And they learned to jump into a dry bathtub!  They all gained about 90 grams.  And it turns out I had Volcano’s and Velvet’s names switched.  I’m going to stay with my names for my records.

Vi may become Vincent, because it’s a manlier name.

Now they’re back in a bigger room and are currently racing back and forth, just because.  Some of them bury their poop.  Veronica has fallen in love with a plastic spider ring, now mostly legless, and growls at any who dare to get close.


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How to Dominate the Food Dish

nom tactics

My weekend guests have been getting used to the food and have been eating like crazy today.  Ms Leopard Collar gets a foot in each serving side and dives in.  She got a bit of a bath after this.

Another technique, when the food dish is empty or not handy, is to chew any person body part in reach.  Noses or toeses, they try it all.


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Weekend Swap


Some who was happily weaning a Y-named group of kittens had to go away until Monday.  I’m one of the few fosters on call willing to take weaners, and my V set is happily eating, so they’re having an adventure elsewhere until Monday and I have this set with pretty collars.  They didn’t get a correlation of collars to name, so I’m calling them by collars, which sounds more alike than it looks.

Vernon was a little down this morning, not active nor hungry, but happy to be held.  I hope he and the others enjoy the change.  I had been trying to keep finding ways to make the room new for them, rearranging toys and blankets, but this will be a major change.

The new kittens look about 5 weeks old but weigh almost as much as Volcano and Velvet.  They’re all tabbies.  Above are some of the new kittens; below is one of the old.

like velvet on my toes



new data storage, kittiebytes

At 6 or 7 weeks old, they really know how to play.  They hadn’t realized they could get inside my computer bag before I skootched some in.  I especially put the small tabbies there when they’re whining because someone is playing too roughly with them.  Being inside is fun and limits the attack zones so they’re happier.

I gave Vi some yarn of his own to grab at and he had a wonderful time.  Video below.


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Straws on a String

how to line up cats

Straws are good toys, string is fun, together they make a different toys.  The straws provide a more random motion because they’re stiff except at the bendy zone and between straws.  It fits all five at once and each kitten’s actions affect the straw for the next one down the line.  Also, there is little danger that they can get tangled in it or swallow the string (which can be deadly or costly, and definitely not fun).

To make: get 5 or so plastic straws and about 5 feet of yarn or string.  A bobby pin makes a good threader if you flatten out the open end.  A metal tapestry needle would work too.  Tie the string to the bobbypin and drop it through the first straw (shaking it can help the pin exit the straw) and secure the end, either by tying to a button or jingly bell or by cutting a hole near the end of the straw, threading through it and knotting.  Add more straws until you’re almost out of string.  Secure the end (maybe a different method than the start).  This all will be easier if you are not around kittens.

Below, I added their growth chart.  Some likely will be ready by the 24th, some won’t. (Weight in grams, ~950 for the 2 pound goal.)

all progressing


Wash Time

so, did you hear what Vi did yesterday?

I’ve stopped adding KMR (kitten formula) to the food, but have added a little chicken broth to make it more enticing.  They have been enticed and eat more, and there has been no barfing.  After eating, there is the great washing up, which they are getting pretty good at.  I only need to wash off the top of the noses sometimes.

The eye color is pretty accurate here–I think they’re a little darker sans flash, but Princess Veronica has amazing blue eyes.  The others are more green or neutral.


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