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Kitten Decoration

Although black kittens don’t show up well in indoor photos, they do make a good backdrop, when they’re not too wiggly.  It took a few tries to get two eyes on long enough to snap a picture.

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Rolling in the Sunshine

The sun came into their room from the hall clerestory window, if I left the door open, so I took advantage of it to try for more visibility in a video.  It’s not a big swath of sunlight, but it is dramatic.  Muppet patted her shadow a lot, and rolled over a lot.  Moose mostly kept moving and purring.

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Developing Ears

bright eyes

Their ears are getting bigger and migrating up, the better to hear me with.  They do notice when I talk–they can ignore me working on a computer in their room, but not if I’m talking on the phone.  They still creep more than walk, and the floor is a real challenge–not much traction.  Terry cloth is friendly.

Muppet’s eyes have been clean and clear for over a day now.  Both eat nearly a tablespoon of formula at a time if they’re hungry (which isn’t every time they’re awake, and isn’t the same for both).

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Moose Mouth

got it!

Muppet’s eye is a bit goopy in the morning and has been staying clean after the initial wipeoffs of the morning.  Her head’s still damp here from the cleaning.

As Moose mouths everything, I decided to try him on some chicken, partly to see if he’d like to chew something other than his sister’s butt, and partly to introduce them both to solids without opening a full can of cat food that’s no so interesting anyhow.  He wolfed it down (I don’t think moosing it down quite covers it.)  The next time he was uninterested, but his sister was game.  Most of the time, he’s really excited about it and she’s not.  (The amounts are about half the size of a pencil eraser).  At 2.5 weeks old, it’s earlier than I’ve offered before, but I’d not thought of it as a toy.

“Moose mouth” is an effective tongue-twister, and sounds like an odd insult.

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The Return of the Blue Puppy

blue puppy

Moose has been showing an interest in exploring things.  I gave him Blue Puppy earlier, but then I had to wash him.  Now he’s back.  Muppet’s left eye has been goopy the last two days–not a lot, not all crusty, not after every nap, but I keep cleaning it.  She may need ointment, but that’s a long series of annoying her twice daily.

(the title is a nod to Daniel Pinkwater.  I recommend his Blue Moose, and The Return of the Blue Moose)

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They’re Fine, I’m Better Than I Was

and presto!

The kittens have been doing well, and even are less butt-obsessed.  I got a bad fever yesterday and managed to feed them every few hours and not much else.  They had an uneventful vet checkup today.  They are learning their way about in their bookshelf house.  No one’s ventured into the litterbox yet but they go in and out of the cardboard house over the heating pad.  Often, they are under the edges of the cardboard house, but it’s not heavy.  They are two weeks old tomorrow, are done with their antibiotics, seem to be digesting well, and are gaining weight.

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Space and Butts

all this space

I moved them into a deep, tipped-over bookshelf, hoping they’d develop an interest in something other than their sibling’s butt.  No such luck.  They whine if they’re not together, and if they are and I don’t keep a secure hold on them, they’re back at butt-sucking.  All four eyes are open.  They’ve slowed a little on the weight gain although they eat well when they eat formula.


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