Back From Surgery

05 Sep

no paws

…but this photo was a couple days earlier, by Kevin.  Veronica has always been good at looking demure, hiding her paws.

They came back from surgery all growly and playing roughly.  They hissed at each other a lot at first, perhaps because they were separate some of the time and smell different after all that’s been done.  Veronica has a visible incision on her back with a little bloodstain: I believe that’s from the microchip and it just shows more on her creamy white fur.  I cleaned it off and it will likely be invisible tomorrow.  They’re on opiates and not feeling bad.

I removed everything but myself that they can climb, their nails were trimmed again, but they’re jumping and pouncing and trying to sneak out the door when I enter or exit.  They’re getting way too competent to stay here much longer.


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