Rough Times

13 Sep

So, after the last post, they stopped eating.  Still rooting some, but not sucking.  Moose has stayed active and at 5 a.m. decided that being held was better, so I kept the two of them in my shirt and started trying to get an appointment at the BEBHS.  At 6:30, Moose ate a little.  The girl started fading.  I took them in around 8:30 and they got some sub-cutaneous fluids, some dextrose, and a lot of checking.  Sometime between 5 a.m. and the checkup, they lost their umbilical cords, which the vet says puts them at 5 days old.  Moose ate a little when we got home, and both were active.  If they don’t eat much, I “get” to tube-feed them, and do a daily subcutaneous fluids.

I found out the girl’s name is Muppet.  They were found by a contruction worker when he pulled his truck to the side of the freeway and was checking on the engine.  Possibly they were born in the engine compartment over the weekend or moved there sometime before they were found, Tuesday afternoon.  Somewhere there is a lonely mother cat, who maybe will not use a truck next time.

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Posted by on September 13, 2012 in Moose & Muppet


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