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They are small cats now.  They eat, leap, climb over the barrier if I leave it down, nap in my lap when it’s available.  Muppet found her way up to the third step of the loft ladder, where she cried piteously for help getting down.  Limiting their range to three steps, means they aren’t really in trouble if no one is available to help.


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Moose’s New Toy

There was an old lady who


A couple nights ago, Moose found a fly.  He played fairly gently, but it was night and too cold for the fly to fly, so the fly died.  Moose didn’t eat it.

Moose and Muppet both lost interest in food when I ran out of chicken.  I got more chicken and by then they didn’t even want that.  I had to resort to putting food in their mouths, and offering different foods.  Finally, they’re eating again and back to gaining weight.  During the diet time, they also seemed to refrain from sucking on each other.  Today, on my lap, they showed renewed interest, but I got them to eat food instead.

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Posed and Otherwise

quilty pleasures

My sister made me this quilt, so I found a temporary place for it–one that does not get direct sun.  Then I realized I could add the kittens to the picture, so here you are.

The kittens also are interested in hanging on the walls.  Balancing on the door barricade is the new sport, made more interesting because, when the door is shut, they don’t have access to it.  I also put their triangle climber-scratcher toy under the loft ladder so they can climb on the first step.balancing

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Moving Up In Their World


They’ve become good climbers now, although they have yet to try to climb very far up my leg or back–and I don’t mind if they don’t ever.  Muppet especially still needs to be started to eat or drink from the dish.  We are beginning to skip the food on the floor stage and to transition directly from finger to dish, which is an improvement.  They’ve been excellent on the litter box usage.  Once they’re solid on eating from a dish, and perhaps even eating kibble, they all set to be cats.  Moose is still very talky-whiney, but that’s likely what got them rescued in the first place so I don’t begrudge him that.  They’re very happy to cuddle on a lap, and they are not fazed by even two violins playing in their room.

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Drinking Game

I finally got Muppet to drink from a dish.  She’s not been happy with weaning, but I again tried dipping my finger and offering some KMR.  This time, she was eager to clean the KMR off my finger, or eat my finger.  I kept lifting my finger less and less until her tongue touched down into the KMR.  She was apparently very thirsty.  Moose has learned to drink water even, but Muppet hasn’t yet.  You can see Muppet’s learning curve as she snorts and sneezes at first.  They both drank nearly all that I gave them.  Muppet burps towards the end of the video.

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New Lap

conquering new laps

My sister visited and it didn’t take long for the kittens to settle in her lap.  Plus, she carries dog treats.  Moose especially liked chewing on a milk bone, which she tried substituting for her hand when he got too chewy.

Today, after they had a morning bottle, I mixed canned kitten food in with chicken, and Muppet actually ate more than Moose.  She even ate out of the dish instead of having to have it on the floor in front of her.  Later, she was eating out of the dish and Moose usurped her so she preferred food on the floor.

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The Right Chicken

tricks of perspective

The chicken I’d given them before was some boneless, skinless, white meat that had spent a long time in the freezer.  Today I bought some fresh, organic, thighs and boiled them into a broth with the bones and all and they both love it.  I have found the incentive food.  They did a very good job of cleaning the dish, broth and all.  Muppet’s been iffy at the bottle lately, and sometimes when she seems to be sucking very effectively, she gets some in her windpipes and ends up wheezing a while.  Non-bottle food will be better for her as she loses the sucking reflex.  A give them a few meals with just chicken, followed by chicken with cat food underneath, then mixed with ever decreasing chicken amount.  The old bait and switch.

(Moose, in front, is actually only about 10% heavier than Muppet, but he was in front so he looks a lot bigger.)

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Play Zones

They’re beginning to notice things above their head and to track better for playing and chasing.  Curtains are popular too, for hiding and pouncing.

Muppet still is not interested in food; Moose is happy to consume food in any form.

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Five Weeks old

that is the question

They have the lovely big ears I’ve come to expect of five-week-old kittens.  They’re pretty good at the litter box now, although Moose complains from need to finish.  Moose is a pretty good eater; Muppet will sometimes ingest food I put in her mouth.  I need to find a food incentive that works for her.the menace

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nomy nomy

Moose eats, without prompting even sometimes.  He was on my lap and started nibbling me and I set him down, saying “Go eat if you’re hungry.”  I looked at the food dish and it was empty!  So I refilled it and he ate some more.  Muppet still prefers Moose’s butt or the bottle.

Speaking of butts, I found that I cannot trust them on their own in the full room space.  I added one litter box but will keep closer watch on them when they’re out.

And I like this photo:do di do doo



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