The Bigger Space

04 Oct

The Big Viewlike being swallowed by a couch

I moved them to the Under-The-Table space yesterday.  I checked that their heads were too broad to fit through the caging I use across the front of the Under-Table, so I didn’t have to add manila folders across the bottom, and I set up a bunch of stuff they were used to and the lumpy pink bed.  The creases in the lumpy pink bed are perfect for skootching down into, so it looks rather like they’re being swallowed by a couch.  I had the climbing triangle in there, but someone pooped on it.  Much of the time though they find their way clear to the litter box.  They need to learn to leave, not sit down after doing whatever in the box, but they’re learning quickly.

Moose even is willing to eat a little canned food with formula on his own.  Muppet will do a big production of chewing and sometimes swallowing if I put some food in her mouth, but she won’t take more from the dish yet. They’re abut 3.5 weeks old now.

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