The Right Chicken

16 Oct

tricks of perspective

The chicken I’d given them before was some boneless, skinless, white meat that had spent a long time in the freezer.  Today I bought some fresh, organic, thighs and boiled them into a broth with the bones and all and they both love it.  I have found the incentive food.  They did a very good job of cleaning the dish, broth and all.  Muppet’s been iffy at the bottle lately, and sometimes when she seems to be sucking very effectively, she gets some in her windpipes and ends up wheezing a while.  Non-bottle food will be better for her as she loses the sucking reflex.  A give them a few meals with just chicken, followed by chicken with cat food underneath, then mixed with ever decreasing chicken amount.  The old bait and switch.

(Moose, in front, is actually only about 10% heavier than Muppet, but he was in front so he looks a lot bigger.)

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Posted by on October 16, 2012 in Moose & Muppet


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