Muppet Is Sick

02 Nov

I'll just sit here, thank you

Last night, Muppet barfed a couple of times, but was still racing around, playing, sneaking out of the room every time I opened the door–I catch her while she’s figuring out which way to go.

This morning, she didn’t run to the door.  Neither kitten wanted to eat.  I weighed them and Moose had continued to gain but Muppet had gone back to Monday’s weight.  I squirted some water in her mouth and she barfed again.

They had a vet appointment for this morning anyhow, so when they went, she got subcutaneous fluids and, I think, imodium, to slow her digestion.  She has perked up some.  She drank some water, and watched Moose chase toys and flies.  As best she could, she spit out any food I put in her mouth.  The I/D food for digestive difficulties was not attractive to her, but Moose thought it was great.

So, she’s not well, but feeling good enough to be not on the heating pad tucked away, but out where the action is.  She didn’t barf the water.  She weighs about a pound and a half, so she’s got some weight insurance.  She’ll just be a sad kitty for a while.

later that afternoon: still some barf and diarrhea, but she’s eating a little and rushing to jump over the door barrier again.


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Posted by on November 2, 2012 in Moose & Muppet



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