Barricade Stories

04 Nov


Muppet is still not eager to eat–except when it’s cheapo 9-lives canned food.  Even then, I often have to pry open her mouth, insert food.  She spits out what she can, then goes “Hey! I do like it” and starts to eat.  Sometimes she still prefers it on my finger.

After eating some today, she got into playing, making Moose very happy.  When she’s annoyed, she swishes her tail which is also fun for Moose, but he likes the running and climbing games more.  She’s a better climber than he is.

I made this barricade several years ago and just drag it to the doorway when I have kittens to contain.  The original idea was to paint cats near the holes so the cat faces peering out would be part of the picture.  I was using it just primed to contain a kitten with a small head and she got stuck in one of the holes.  I ended up having to cut from a nearby small hole (very carefully) to extract her.  After that, I added the cross pieces to the 1.5″ holes.

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