Moose and Muppet Weights

10 Nov

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This is their growth chart, in grams.  940 is about 2 pounds and their scheduled spay/neuter date is the 20th.  They were 3 days old when I got them on September 11th.  Moose has had minor setbacks, but of course Muppet is the one that keeps getting me worried.  She now looks to be on track.  She eats heartily, and even ate some Felidae when I subbed that for the really fancy kitten foods.  Both will eat kibble if it is added to the wet food, although I’ve only seen Moose eat kibble straight.  I’m hoping that both are enough accustomed to eating canned food that they’ll now eat any brand if they’re hungry.  Last week, I had to put food in Muppet’s mouth to get her to start eating, and she would have rather starved than eat the cheap brands.

I weigh them in the mornings, after breakfast.  (I challenge anyone to get a kitten to hold still on a scale before breakfast.)  When they got sick, they both actually dropped below the morning weight sometimes.  A big meal or its opposite can make over a 30 gram difference, which at 600 grams is a pretty big portion.  Still, the trend shows up nicely.

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