Moving Day

26 Feb

hard to tell the towel from the boys

I moved them to half the space under the table in the loft room so they’d have room to play and a potty place that isn’t their bed (even if it isn’t the litter box yet).  Plus, they’ve been getting more aware of people coming into the room, and I wanted a warm spot not covered with a towel so they could get a little more light.  I have this lid on its side to provide a roof to trap the heat from the heating pad.

They’re doing well, all at least 50% heavier than they were 4 days ago.  They went with me to work yesterday and perhaps knew the difference between Concord and Berkeley water, used to mix their formula.  They ate eventually, and made the switch back.  They were a little frustrated on the BART ride home: I had their bottle upright in their carrier and they found it but couldn’t drink from it.  In another week or so, taking them would be harder to do because I’m not carrying a litter box with me.


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Posted by on February 26, 2013 in Malibu Melvin Memphis


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