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Cardboard is awesome.  Boxes mean hiding and ambushing and poking each other AND the kittens can chew on the edges and make little puncture points.  Too bad they can’t chew kibble.

The box is from buying a year’s worth of Advantage online for my homecats.  I have a Google calendar reminder to use it every four weeks, and it has cut down on fleas and cut out tapeworm as an issue for the homecats. The Google reminder asks if I want to invite others to this event, and I decline.

I did find one thin nearly dead flea on Melvin yesterday, the first since their first week here.  They get/got flea doping next Friday and last Friday (never this Friday?) and I’ve seen no other evidence of fleas, so it’s not likely a problem.


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The life of a kitten: sleep, eat, and play, with occasional drinking.  I ruined their canned food yesterday by adding sogged kibble: they pretty much refused to eat it.  This is a shame because usually I can leave unattended kibble for snacking to space out the canned food more, and Science Diet Kitten Kibble really fills out kittens.  Some kittens even have preferred kibble.  Not this set.  Melvin was slowest to resume gaining weight after weaning, so they are all much closer in weight now.

Malibu has climbed to the towel-topped step of the loft ladder.  I don’t know if Memphis has climbed up.  Melvin has learned the strategy of crashing down on his opponents.



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lapidy lapidy

Malibu was the first to figure out how to drink water, yesterday. Memphis followed, and today I finally got Melvin to do so.  I had to dip my finger in water and offer it–he lapped eagerly, but a finger dip is meagerly.  I kept doing it, lowering my finger into the water until he had contact.  After about the third time, he decided drinking from the bowl was okay.  I’d stopped adding water to the kitten canned food, because I wanted them to drink and because gooshy food is less messy the less wet it is.

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Clean for a While


Memphis has been so greasy since weaning, even with face wipes, that I finally gave him a sink bath.  In contrast, Melvin looks greasy, but I think he was just still damp.  “Clean for a Day” was the title that came to mind, punning on old game shows, but it will just be until the next meal.  Even his front paws are furry for now.

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Catching Kibble


Melvin is happy to chase kibble, and bat it about.  If I goosh it in with canned food, they perforce eat it, but other than that, kibble is not food.  Apparently there is a good chance my toes are, although I am seriously trying to discourage that.



Wash and Nosch

With all the washing they do, you’d think they’d be cleaner.  They do get distracted though.


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Cat Naps

My camera battery died so it beeped and woke them up.  But until then, Memphis was dreaming of eating.  They eat well now, but just gooshy food.  Kibble is some strange thing I try to do to them.  Water is even freakier.  I bought some salmon treats and Melvin likes them, after jumping back from it all freaked at first.  The other two won’t eat it.  And Malibu barfed later on, but not because of eating treats, because she didn’t.


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