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long lapful

I was at work today so they needed some extra lap time when I got home.  Jaz had removed his collar, and I left it off until after I re-applied the antibiotic ointment.  I need to time the ointment after a poop and cleanup, and with enough supervision time to keep everyone from interfering with it.  When I put the collar on him, Jaz has to try scratching his ears, and he hops kind of funny, and he cannot fit into small holes, so it does interfere with his business.

But, all evidence shows they’re heathy now, gaining weight and not having leakage.  And some of them are eating a lot of kibble.



Blue Collar Kitty

still climbing

Although their output is improved in consistency, Jaz’s tail has still been painfully infected from the outflow so I took them all to the vet today.  Jaz got some antibiotic cream and the collar to keep him from licking it off.  He was so touchy about anyone else near his butt that I think the others won’t be a problem. Jaz spends some time trying to get the collar off, but mostly he’s too busy being a kitten.  It does shield a larger area at the food dish, so it’s not all bad.

They call this an E collar, as in Elizabethan, but it should have more ruffles to look elegant.  And E collar makes me think it’s electronic in some way.  Apple would come out with the i-collar with more features and a breathtaking elegance.  Just knowing it’s no longer on the cat could be useful.



Busy Bodies

need to see this betterFinally, they’re doing better.  Not perfect, not always tidy, but not hurting.

Jax and Jet are the loudly opinionated ones.  Sometimes they get so into yelling when I bring food in, they are slow in going to eat it.  Jet once held a long note for several seconds, for his operatic training I guess.  He also knows he needs the music on the stand.  (The pictures I took with the “Touch Not The Cat” dance set didn’t come out as well.)  Jumbo is the teddy bear kitten, happy to be held, massaged, looked at.  I probably could dress him up without offending him.  July is more easily startled, as by the strand of grass I brought in as a toy.  She’s pretty mellow, especially for a calico/torti cat.

If they get adopted by twos, I could see mixing orange and dark, loud and quiet, but it’s not my call.



Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit Available

crazy cat lady kit

Not really.  Mackenzie’s Aunt came by while I was out playing at dance and she took a few pictures.

Jax still has a sore butt and a big attitude about having it washed.  He’s still gaining weight and playing happily when not having issues.



Another Poop Post

But the picture is cute.

problems of eliminationJax and Jet either lack sphincter control, or they’re unsuccessfully trying to prevent ever pooping.  When they start to drip, I bring them to the sink because the water may make it feel better, encourages pooping, and makes them cleaner.  This too shall pass, I guess.

They had a vet visit today and had meds for some worms.  I saw one peeking out from Jet afterwards, I think.  They have not had meds for tapeworm, so I’ll keep checking for that.  It could have been a killed worm.  Tapeworms are a possiblitiy because these kittens had a lot of fleas when I got them.

They all are happy and playful when they are not doing poop-related things.  And they are gaining weight nicely.

HA! Update: found a tapeworm segment!  Something fixable.



Except for Jax

plastic noms

Jax had some issues this morning.  I inaugurated all four into the Clean Butt Club, and he was very touchy about the cleaning.  Later, he was crying, dripping poop, and not wanting to be in the litterbox–I think because his bottom was sore.  There was nothing visibly wrong, his belly wasn’t all tight, there were no cuts, and once distracted, he was fine.  I used some KY jelly I’d been given for sore kitty butts before and all seems well now.  I’m using cotton balls instead of terrycloth on his bottom now though.

Below is their growth chart.  The downward curves are always scary, but I’m impressed with how they’ve sprung back up, pretty close to what the line would be had there been no setback.jumbo jet weights


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And Gaining Weight

love love love

The kittens are gaining back the weight they lost, and more.  Despite stiff competition from Jax, Jumbo is again the heaviest.  Both input and output are doing better.

At this point, over 6 weeks old, I’m betting Jax and Jumbo remain blue-eyed.  Jet and July have a dark, indeterminate colored eyes.  All are working on mesmerizing.