Odd Portraits Of The Other Two

12 May

When you're a Jet IMG_9474

These are of Jet, and just a paw of Jumbo.  Someone once pointed out how their paw pads look like little teddy bears, only with very hairy bodies.  Unlike the picture I saw, I don’t draw the eyes and muzzle on their feet.

They are getting more independent at eating, playing, and litterbox use even if I’m not there.  Food is still way more interesting if it’s presented on a finger, but if they’re hungry and like the food, they’ll eat anyhow.  Jet wasn’t liking the cheap canned food with less KMR added.  I gave the group some straight KMR in a bowl and they LOVED it.  July is rather loose in the stools though and KMR may not be the best thing for her.  I gave them some Felidae this afternoon and that was popular.


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