Except for Jax

21 May

plastic noms

Jax had some issues this morning.  I inaugurated all four into the Clean Butt Club, and he was very touchy about the cleaning.  Later, he was crying, dripping poop, and not wanting to be in the litterbox–I think because his bottom was sore.  There was nothing visibly wrong, his belly wasn’t all tight, there were no cuts, and once distracted, he was fine.  I used some KY jelly I’d been given for sore kitty butts before and all seems well now.  I’m using cotton balls instead of terrycloth on his bottom now though.

Below is their growth chart.  The downward curves are always scary, but I’m impressed with how they’ve sprung back up, pretty close to what the line would be had there been no setback.jumbo jet weights


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