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From The WayBack Machine

shy velvet more shy velvetVelvet from way back when is now named Shy.  She has a sister named “Cutie”, and likes being under the covers.  It’s nice to see them all grown up.  This was the Veronica, Volcano, VI, Velvet, and Vernon set.

I will be picking up new meds for July shortly.  She’s been feeling good and her skin is healing, but it is slow.  She and Jet get pretty anxious when separated: when July has her bath they cry back and forth to each other.,  This morning, I took him with me when I gave her a butt-soak.  He patted the water and drank a little.  I asked about Jax when the shelter called about the meds and they said he’s pretty lonely, but very happy to be petted.


Change of Plans


BEBHS has changed their routine again.  Now they keep kittens after surgery and have them up for adoption the next day, not waiting for the weekend.  July’s skin made them think better about doing surgery on her.  It’s not puffy or shedding in strings like it was, and she’s not bothered by it, but I can see taking stitches in it could be a problem.  And Jax and Jumbo had gotten so big, they really did want to get them out for adoption.  So they neutered Jax and Jumbo and had me take Jet home to keep July company.  July will get more antibiotics later this week and the two likely will have their spay’/neuter next week.  I was hoping for trimmed nails even though they didn’t have surgery, but they weren’t.  I trimmed them at home because my back is getting pretty sore.

Meanwhile, Jumbo went home to his new family this afternoon, so Jax will be the lonely one for a night.



Last Unaltered Day

Last Unalterd day

BEBHS moved their spay/neuter day to Wednesday, June 26.  July is over 2 pounds, 2 ounces now.  They get to decide if her skin will be a problem.  It does not look infected now, but it’s still got crusty sections.

The daughter of the music teacher I volunteer with is planning on taking Jumbo.  He is a heart-stealer, with his calm ways and his habit of getting cozy in your lap and gazing into your eyes.  Plus, he’s a total goofball when trying to grab the fluffy feathers on a stick.

Love does not alter when it alteration finds. I’ll post when I get them back tomorrow.



The Cone Of Kibble

Cone of KibbleDuring her morning coning, July was quiet so I offered her some kibble,  She was able to eat it from the cone, as was Jumbo.  After staring at the camera flash, Jet decided to just chew on the cone itself.  July is over two pounds now, so it looks like they’ll be up for surgery Thursday and adoption on the weekend.

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July and I have a routine now where I give her a sink-soaking for a while, sun- and towel- dry her, give her a little licking time, then I cone her and apply the ointment.  Sometimes her brothers help her get the cone off, but they do distract her from licking the ointment off.  I had returned the soft blue one that Jax had used, and forgot, but then found this plastic one.  I only leave it on a short while so the ointment is absorbed and she kind of forgets about it.  The nasty area of her skin is still nasty, but less so and smaller.

Despite transitioning off I/D and A/D, their poop has been looking great.  Out of courtesy, no pics however.

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sling towel

Slinging the towel over the chair rungs is new to this gang and they’ve had a great time with it. Jaz or Jumbo like to sit in the sling and Jet attacks from below, or pens can be hit to and from the kitten hidden beneath the towel.

Jumping Jax can get over the barricade at full height.  Jet has gotten good at sneaking quietly out when I open the door.  These kittens are getting very good at being cats.  July continues to improve slowly, but seems in good spirits (it still looks icky but isn’t so sore).



Pull Chain (String)

many paws make light work

Messing with the pull string for the light involved everyone, although July is outside this picture.  Jax and Jumbo have been fascinated with the string and the little froggy end thing.  Jax is singing to it now.

July’s okay areas of skin are increasing.  I now do the ointment before the skin has dried completely so it’s not stiff and either that’s made it less painful, or the area is just less painful anyhow.  She doesn’t enjoy the sink soaks, but she doesn’t panic and claw me now.  She plays more with the others and complains less too.  She’s still a smidge under 2 pounds (900 grams this evening)